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Aformer student who flunked out of Howard Medical School is suspected of sparking a scare about an active shooter on campus earlier this week at the HBCU in Northwest Washington, D.C.,  according to  ABC 7-WJLA.

Details are still sparse about the incident that sparked calls to the police about 12:04 p.m. Tuesday, but Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham told the television news station that they were not a hoax.

“It seems like the initial caller called because they received information from a third-party so they called in good faith,” he said.

Stephen Whetstone of Howard’s Health Sciences section told the news station that school officials were aware of an angry former medical student, whose name has not been released to the public. The man had flunked out and had made numerous threats.

“He had made threats to come back and shoot up the testing center at Stokes Library,” Whetstone told the news station, “so he had made that kind of threat and I think he was pretty much targeting his former classmates.”

The man’s ex-girlfriend, a student on campus, reportedly had taken out a restraining order. He allegedly warned that if she alerted authorities about the threats that her sister and grandmother would be targeted, the report said.

More than two hours after news of an active shooter was on campus, Howard University President Wayne A.I. Frederick said the school was “all clear.” S

Some students complained they had hoped for more crisis updates from school officials at the time of the incident, which raised concern after a man was arrested recently for making death threats against Howard students.

It also raised concern because festivities for the school’s homecoming, which draws a large crowd, begins Oct. 20.

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