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Before his untimely death at the hand of St. Paul police officer Jeronimo YanezPhilando Castile was a popular nutrition services supervisor at the JJ Paul Montessori school in St. Paul, Minnesota. After his death, his friends and family vowed to keep his memory alive in a special way. reports:

The Philando Feeds The Children Fund was started by Pam Fergus, a local community college professor who was inspired by stories of Castile having helped pay for student’s lunches with his own money.

“We just had this little idea that we were going to help do Mr. Phil’s job and make sure you guys have good lunch to eat every day,” Fergus told students, according to a WCCO report.

In total, more than 2000 donors helped the fund raise over $72,000—well above the initial $5,000 goal—which was presented to officials at J.J. Hill on Friday by Castile’s mother Valerie.

 “We as a community have to work together in order for things to work,” Valerie told WCCO. “This would’ve meant everything to him.”
Castile’s former high school classmates at St. Paul Central High have also established a scholarship in his memory. The first year’s recipient was awarded $5,000 but efforts are underway to increase that to $100,000.

To contribute to the Philando Feeds The Children fund click HERE. 

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11 thoughts on “Philando Castile Fund Wipes Out Student Lunch Debt

  1. BLACK PRIDE 2 on said:

    Dr. Larry, shut the hell up. This gentleman was killed by a f**king racist cop and the WHOLE WORLD KNOWS THIS YOU DUMB ASS!!!!

    Rather you did not respond to BAW with the ignorance of your responses….

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      P-lo, whether intentionally or because he was stoned on weed (confirmed by toxicology) pulled a gun on a cop. That usually doesn’t end well, and in this case it didn’t. I know you want to inject race into ever thing to you can, but it just isn’t so here. Or for that fact, most of these cases. I ask you this question Crack Pride, had these brothers complied with the officer, would they still be alive today? YES they would bro-bro. Yes they would

      • Did you see the video? STFU self-hating troll. I’m not surprised that you support the NRA’s racist hypocrisy.For them gun rights for whites are absolute,even among the mentally disabled as we’ve seen time and time again.Not so for us and modern MN,which has tougher gun laws than most southern states,is no better than the antebellum South when it comes to equal protection.It’s a blessing however to see some good come out of this tragedy.

    • Guest1 on said:

      Black Pride 2, pls don’t try. Fake dr.’s head is too thick. Please let him simmer in his stupidity. He truly believes he’s the voice of reason and has ALL the answers and facts to EVERY incident no matter what the topic. I’m old school…so I’m going to call him the Rona Barrrett of BAW b/c he knows and sees all. I know, that’s funny right?

    • Guest1 on said:

      You wake up bitchy. All you had to say was “Good to see donated money going to a good cause.” But nooooo!!! You just had to get in your daily jab at something, anything to make your miserable butt happy for the day. Sheesh, your pathetic.

      • specialt757 on said:

        You said it before Guest1, you just can’t fix stupid. The worst kind of black person is a self-hating one. To quote “Ole Sarg” from “A Soldier Story”, the black race can no longer afford him”.

      • You got that right, Specialt. What a stupid comment for fake dr. to make, as usual. If my loved one was shot down in cold blood, you’re damn right I’m going to get paid for someone’s careless disregard for human life. Has nothing to do with the family trying to profit off of the death. It’s called civil compensation.

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