Every one who’s been on this ride with the Tom Joyner Morning Show for the last close to 25 years knows I like to do things Big.

We started big from day one with a live in-house band (Uncle Butchie and the Live House) led by the late Morris “Butch” Stewart and our inaugural guest Luther Vandross, a groundbreaking soap opera “It’s Your World”, and we grew from there.

We kicked off some signature, never been done before campaigns and events like the national Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day, Sky Shows and the Fantastic Voyage Cruise. We’ve never wavered from our original goal..to entertain, to empower and inform and for the next two years we’ll continue to fight the good fight for the causes important to our audiences…voter registration, policies that impact our community, and raising more than $65 million and counting for my beloved Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

As we take things to the next level, personally and professionally, we’ll be in celebration mode with more guests, more parties, and more opportunities to Meet Every Listener. We’ve touched a lot of lives and we love and appreciate the millions of people who are part of the TJMS family. So much has happened since we went on the air in 1994…good and bad…and we all went through it together.

Well, the Party with a Purpose isn’t over, there’s still so much to do and I couldn’t do it without you. Do me a favor and be thinking of the acts and groups you’d like to see perform live, the guests you’d like us to book, the events you’d like us to cover and even the issues you’d like for us to address. Most importantly, send me your favorite moments and memories from the TJMS and we’ll try to go the vault and find them. We want to hear your TJMS stories. We might air them or include them in a blog. Extra points if you send photos or video.

Here’s my promise to you: We will continue to be reachable, relevant and ready to super serve our audience in true Tom Joyner Morning Show fashion. The celebration will be epic as we remember the guests, the laughs, the tears, the bits, the unforgettable moments we’ve shared together…and, of course we’ll be making new memories along the way.

When we go off the air each morning, I never say goodbye…and I’m not saying it now! Here’s to much more good radio!

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397 thoughts on “Bigger and Better Things Ahead

  1. RaymondTaita on said:

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  7. Sheila on said:

    I am very hurt . I have listen to Tom for many years. Such a wonderful giving, supported man. I have seen Tom when he came to Jacksonville Florida where I reside feeding the first fifthly people for free in Hemming Plaza for free. I have attended Sky Show , Family Reunion. We can always count on Tom for Support. This man has done a wonderful Job. Tom moving on to better thongs means we still need you. We need you to work with Rev AL Sharpton.


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  9. I will truly miss the TJMS. I have listened to this show most of my life time. I’m glad Tom is coming home for the classic but I’m gonna miss standing out all nite for his show Fri morning. Good luck on your new endeavor many blessings to all of you.

  10. TJ – So sorry to see it end –

    I have been listening to the show since it aired in the Philly area. I would listen on my way to work for over an hour. I would stay in the car sometimes just to hear “Its your world”. You, Sybil, Myra J, Ms. Dupree and Jay became my car pool friends.
    I would tell co-workers and friends I was going to go to any Skyshow in philly and the Fantasic Voyage one day –
    After listening for years in 2009 my wife was hospitalize for about a week it look very bad but she recovered but is still battling with her illness. I knew it was time to stop postponing joy. That x-mas I surprised her with a trip on the 2010 Fantastic Voyage!
    YES! it was crazy meeting you at the bon voyage party in Miami (I still the blury pic of you and I at the club 🙂 )- I met Sybil and Myra J during the 1st cruise – prior my wife and I had took about 12 -15 cruises before but the 1st day of the FV wiped out every memory of all previous cruises out. (iam glad we took pictures).
    We were floored by the theme nights – and now 7 or 8 Fantastic Voyages tons of pics/videos later our family & friends are tired of hearing about your cruises but they always ask if we’re going back. – we’ve became friends with other cruisers from philly and the areas of the country.
    – of all the cruises, friends and celebrities we’ve met over the years – I will never forgot walking out of the casino one night and seeing Kid of Kid and Play “being helped by a friend walking” down the hall ok he was lit- i told my wife then about hour later we see him performing on stage a the men of hip party at 2am in the morning WOW he didn’t miss a beat – crazy! then the next day you annouced that he had won the B.Brown award – CLASSIC – and of course I saw him by the pool bar later and told him of the story and he just laughed it all and continued to party with us for a bit..awesome.THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES.

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  12. Daniel Asamota on said:

    There were some good times with the tjms, but for ths most part I grew disillusioned long ago.Never once did he reach out to me in over ten years I guess feeling what I was trying to do wasn’t relevant enough. Or surmising I would find another way. Now he talked qll that shit about being your brother’s keeper, but he was just another negroe runnin game. Him with his kooky krew, that stale antiquated joke tellin’ j anthony brown, and sybil wilkes had about as much brains as a head of cabbage.I thought during this time this would be a time, a group of Black people who would help one another. Oh well, it was the same shit dressed all over again. Well he’s going off the air and I say, good riddance.

    • What are you talking about?

      TJMS is one of the best early morning shows out there. Radio One moving his show to AM was ridiculously naive. Tom’s show was the perfect blend of music (R&B, rap, old school), comedy, philanthropy and current events. I am a Howard grad and I loved his support of HBCU’s. If he chooses to retire and chill, so be it. I have enjoyed the 29 years I have listened to him and Sybil.

  13. Gloria Williams on said:

    I was fortunate enough to meet Tom several years go. His fun personality, wit, and infectious humor are totally genuine, not just acts for a radio show. I have been a fan for decades – since the pre-Fly Jock era. There are so many great memories. Congratulations on an illustrious career, the history of such a positive and powerful influence, and a well-deserved retirement. Good luck on the bigger and better things ahead!

  14. Mattie Alexander on said:

    I really have been with you since day 1. WGCI with your turn table brother the late Doug Banks. So oo oo many memories I can’t count. Miss you already but I saw it in your walk at the family reunion that your retirement was around the corner. Love you always, take care Tom. ❤❤💔

  15. Wanda Oliver on said:

    My name is Wanda Oliver and I am a Special Education teacher in Memphis, TN. During the Skyshow, I have won the old school dance contest twice. I always look forward to you coming here for The Southern Heritage Classic. Those SouthWest Airlines tickets have afforded me many opportunities. The first two I used to take my mother to New York City for her birthday. We went to see Nancy Wilson at the Blue Note. My mother said that made her life, not just her day! Another ticket I used to visit my father in San Francisco (after he had a heart attack). The last ticket I used when my ex-husband and his wife called to let me know that my son (who was attending high school in Florida), was experiencing some behavior issues. A few days later, I was sitting in the living room when he came home from school. Needless to say, your generosity and contributions to our community are priceless. I have never attended the Fantastic Voyage (I’m a teacher and can’t take off work like that), but I have heard that it is a lot of fun. My memories will last a lifetime and I’m sure you will be missed by many! I just wanted to share my priceless memories and wish you many more years of success!

  16. joetta glover on said:

    I met you in Philly and you gave me a hug; I just moved to dover, De. and cannot get you on the radio. So I really, really gonna miss you. Best wishes.

  17. TrUtH hUrTx on said:

    ‘!!!!!Pleaae don’t go…….I need you the TJMS nation need you. I guess with all good things it must eventually come to an end. But before it does let’s continue the TURN UP ❤️ Ya TJMS

  18. Ronetta Dewitt-Hall on said:

    Wow! Morning radio will never be the same. No disrespect to the others but the TJMS has been wonderful and offers such a different format and always have since the very beginning. I have been listening to you since before you started “fly jocking”. Wishing you nothing but the best in retirement and beyond! Thank you for all you’ve done for our community.

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