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Tamron Hall has found herself in the middle of the widening Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal. The Hollywood producer has been accused to sexually harassing, assaulting and raping a growing list of women that includes Hollywood actresses Gwyneth Paltrow, Charlize Theron, Rose McGowan, Angelina Jolie and more.

Unfortunately, Hall, after leaving NBC when she learned she’d be bumped from her highly rated Today Show time slot to make room for ex-Fox host Megyn Kelly, signed a deal for a daytime talk show with the Weinstein Company. Now that Harvey has been fired from the company, what happens with Hall’s show?

The Huffington Post reports:

In an exclusive interview with HuffPost, Hall said she was in her home state of Texas visiting Safe Haven Shelter for Women when she found out about the Times exposé, and said she found the allegations and what Weinstein admitted to directly to be “horrifying.”

“It’s a woman’s worst nightmare to be in a situation where you believe someone more powerful has control over your life,” Hall said. “I immediately thought about the women who have suffered in silence and were paralyzed by fear; fear that I’ve seen with domestic violence survivors; fear that I’ve seen when I interviewed women who were raped on their college campuses.”

Hall said she first got to know Weinstein last February shortly after she decided to leave NBC and MSNBC when they announced that they were replacing her and Al Roker with Megyn Kelly for the third hour of the “Today” show. While Weinstein never behaved inappropriately with her, Hall said the only thing that matters is what he has admitted to doing and what his women accusers have said.

Hall spoke to Weinstein at 5 a.m. the morning after the Times story came out and confronted him with the allegations and his admission, she said. She described her approach to Weinstein in the call as one of “take no prisoners.” And while Weinstein apologized to her and told her he needed help, Hall is now working with her agents to figure out next steps on a talk show development deal she signed with The Weinstein Co. three months ago.

Hall’s sister Renate was killed in 2004 after a series of violent altercations with a boyfriend who became a person of interest in the case. Despite that, the murder remains unsolved.

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13 thoughts on “Tamron Hall’s New Show In Limbo After Weinstein Allegations

  1. leadjustone on said:

    I hope Tamron gets her show, but I agree with others about unequal treatment. Look at Woody Allen. Married his daughter, Yes, she was adopted, but he raised her. Questions have been raised about sexual abuse when she was a child. He is a disgusting, despicable piece of garbage, and yet he didn’t get the “Cosby treatment”. Hell, he didn’t even get the Weinstein treatment. Still making movies, and remains the darling of Hollywood. Just not fair.

    • The difference between Woody Allen and Bill Cosby is that Woody Allen didn’t have millions of his own people demanding that he be dragged and burned at the stake. Because of Mr. Cosby’s opinion and remarks about the state of black America, (which were entirely true) his own people took a monumental stand against him and aided in his downfall. That is the difference between blacks and other races. We will turn on each other with a vengeance when one says or does something the other does not agree with. Mr. Cosby spoke the truth and when an opportunity arose to get back at him for “thinking and speaking like he was better than the rest of us”, we black folk threw him to the wolves and never looked back. Woody Allen didn’t have to worry about that.

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Weinstein will be embarrassed for a minute, go into therapy and then no one will ever talk about it again. He won’t have humiliating sexual assault trials, his movies or shows won’t be banned from tv or other places, he WILL NOT get the Bill Cosby treatment in the same way bill o’reilly didn’t get it. And we all know why, okay if you don’t know, it’s because he’s a rich white man. The same kind that resides unchallenged in the WH, who btw openly admitted he sexually abused women, but still got elected to hold the highest office in our land. White and uneducated Americans you should be ashamed.

  3. A Ha, The “chickens have come home to roost” Now it remains to be seen, what happens to this “Big White Powerful Guy “, versus how they tried to “CASTRATE ” Mr. Bill Cosby”.. AND the list continues to grow with Big name actresses. GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY,. IF YOU LIVE IN A “GLASS HOUSE”, DON’T THROW STONES , IE,..” THE PLOT THICKENS ” !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What I find interesting is how Liberals and political allies Hillary Clinton (D)
    Charles E Schumer (D)
    Kirsten Gillibrand (D)
    Al Franken (D)
    Chris Dodd (D)
    Cory Booker (D)
    Erskine B Bowles (D)
    Patrick Leahy (D)
    Richard Blumenthal (D)
    Barack Obama (D)
    Are all now put in an awkward position especially with the knowledge that they knew about his practice decades ago these are the same people that criticized Trumps response to Charlotte yet took over a week to comment on this hoping it would go away

    • specialt757 on said:

      “…with the knowledge that they knew about his practice decades ago…”
      @jhuf…like we’re hoping YOU would go away. Say something relevant. I can’t imagine all these people KNEW this man was sexually assaulting women and stood by and said or did nothing. Did you know? Why didn’t you say something?

    • Say What! on said:

      I disagree. When people given donation and willing to help you, you take it. ALL OF US KNOW A JERK regardless if we know it upfront or not. Put the blame who deserve it which is this guy and NOT the people you listed. Donald Trump has given money and been around alot of people as well. And remember, there are people like you who voted for Trump KNOWING what he done so sit down with this list.

    • Virginia on said:

      They didn’t “hope it would go away at all”. Chances are they didn’t know it was happening anymore than George Bush knew it was happening with Bill Cosby when he gave Cosby the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM. HOW, would all those Democrats know all about it, and NO Republicans knew about it. Come on, this article was NOT about politics, but about Tamron Hall’s show.
      You better hope that all the Republicans who know about Trump’s “affairs” with women aren’t called out eventually to condemn him. I know Trump and his Republican friends are hoping his “issues” with women have “gone away”, BUT as you imply, this stuff NEVER just “goes away”. (Ask Bill Clinton. Who was at least attractive, and the women were chasing HIM, not the other way around.) Be very careful what you Wish for.

    • You say that but they don’t have to respond at all… Just to make you and others happy and have something else to talk about… Look at all the stupid comments and accusations of 45 that you don’t hear many comment on and heaven knows he is unstable!!

  5. The Truth on said:

    I just wish these women would do everything in their Power to expose him. If the first women had exposed him maybe other could of been save. Let’s see if they handle him like they did Bill Cosby…Great America Hyprocrites …

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