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Sigh. It seems like every week Tyrese gets on social media and puts his foot in his mouth, while making a fool of himself at the same time. Impulse control is clearly one of his issues and lately he can’t seem to control himself when it comes to attacking Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Fast & Furious co-stars Tyrese and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson have had their issues in the past, however as The Rock has attempted to repair the rift numerous times, Tyrese just can’t (or won’t) let it go. Social media ranting should be listed on Tyrese’s resume at this point because he has turned it into a full-time job.

Whether it’s calling out his co-stars, his ex-wife, black women or former group members, Tyrese spends a large amount of time calling others out, especially for someone who is supposed to be so busy. His latest attack on The Rock comes on the heels that a 9th installment of Fast & Furious has been greenlit for a 2020 release. Instead of celebrating the arrival of the new film, Tyrese took to his Instagram to shade The Rock…making himself look incredibly petty in the process.

You can take a look at Tyrese’s IG post BELOW:


Earlier this week it was reported that The Rock tried to reach out to Tyrese privately, but was shut down by him because he emailed instead of called and Tyrese once again took to IG to let everyone know about it. At this point, someone from his PR team needs to step in and either heavily monitor his social media or shut it down for a while because it’s getting increasingly out of hand. With every social media rant, he’s damaging what’s left of his brand and image.

Tyrese Rants On Instagram About The Rock…Again was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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