What Does Trump Visiting Puerto Rico & Vegas Mean?


President Trump finished his tour of Puerto Rico and is now heading to Las Vegas to visit with victims of the shooting. He has received a lot backlash for his talk of comparing the death toll in Puerto Rico to the death toll from Hurricane Katrina.

To go with that he’s been criticized for saying it’s not the time to talk about gun reform after the Vegas shooting.

Rev. Al Sharpton explains that the way Trump handled his visit to Puerto Rico was wrong. “Throwing paper towels and throwing them up in the air like you’re Steph Curry trying for a three-pointer in a mocking kind of way. It is beyond politics. The insensitivity of this president is amazing and startling.”

From Puerto Rico, the President commented that now was not the time for talk on gun reform after the Las Vegas shooting.

“This is not the time to talk about gun reform. Since when do we face a crisis and it’s not the time to discuss the impetus of the crisis. That’s exactly how they deal with other crisis. And this is how they ought to be dealing with this one, ” explained Sharpton.

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4 thoughts on “What Does Trump Visiting Puerto Rico & Vegas Mean?

  1. Chumps visits to both Vegas and PR mean nothing.
    He DOES NOT CARE-he has no HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was all a photo opportunity for him and the wife.

  2. Nika Bennett on said:

    My co-worker is from Puerto Rico. She said the reason the people on tv had power for their cell phone is because the president went to the riches part. The country side is still in despair.

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