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Tyrese‘s ex-wife, Norma Mitchell-Gibson, has made sure his life is very uncomfortable these days because he’s being investigated by the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services due to her claims and accusations of child abuse.

Mitchell-Gibson claims that Tyrese spanked their 10-year-old daughter so hard she couldn’t sit down.

In case you forgot, Tyrese and Norma Gibson are in a court battle. Here’s what TMZ is reporting:

Norma’s trying to get a permanent restraining order prohibiting him from physically disciplining their kid. She also wants full physical and legal custody. She’s worried Tyrese will take their daughter to Dubai, where he has business ties, and not come back. She also wants Tyrese to take domestic violence courses.

She claims Tyrese “beat” the girl between 12 and 16 times. Tyrese says he only struck her once on her bottom. Tuesday in court, Norma’s attorney said DCFS is now investigating Tyrese.

Keep in mind, tt’s not all that unusual for DCFS to launch an investigation as a precautionary measure.

Meanwhile, Tyrese says Norma is bitter that he married someone else and is trumping up false allegations out of revenge.

Tyrese’s lawyer, Terry Levich Ross, went even further and was quite graphic when he told TMZ:

“She’s a lying piece of s***. Tyrese is devastated. He’s a good guy and I will prove that.”

Dang, Tyrese’s lawyer is out there and then some.

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