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We are back! Like just about everything else this year, the six-week gap between Queen Sugar episodes seemed to fly by. When we last heard from the Bordelons, Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) had told his sisters about his father’s new will and asked Darla (Bianca Lawson) to marry him, Dr. Dubois (Alimi Ballard) and Nova (Rutina Wesley) are getting closer, Micah’s (Nicholas Ashe) finally talked about what happened when he was arrested, Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) and Davis (Timon Kyle Durrett) are on their way to officially being divorced, Remy’s (Dondre Whitfield) still waiting for Charley to give him some and Aunt Vi (Tina Lifford) is hiding some scary symptoms from everyone.

Oh, you Bordelons, you know how to keep things exciting.

It’s funny how sometimes the pacing of Queen Sugar seems so slow, but after the episode you realize a lot was actually going on. In “Yet Do I Marvel,” episode number 9 if you’re counting, not only does Charley find out what happened to Micah, she’s confronted by her mother, the mysterious Lorna (Sharon Lawrence) who shows up in Louisiana with a bunch of excuses as to why she couldn’t be there for Charley though her father’s death and the demise of her marriage.

Um, OK. By now we know Charley’s mom is White we’re trying to figure out how she came to be Charley’s mother and Ernest’s ex-wife. Umm, is Charley the middle child or the oldest – it’s a little confusing ’cause I thought Charley was the affair baby but now it appears her mother was once married to her father.

Charley is of course sick to hear what happened to Micah and wants to do something about it. Micah, though, isn’t interested in any of that. He wants to put it behind him. Word is getting out that Ralph Angel and Darla are getting married. First they tell Blue (Ethan Hutchinson) and then Blue tells Nova and then they tell Aunt Vi. Aunt Vi’s still a little skeptical but she embraces Darla and lets her know she’s now part of the family. But Darla’s mystery estranged family isn’t so receptive. When she calls to tell them the news, they don’t respond.


Remy and Charley are going on daytime dates now and so are Dr. Dubois and Nova. I hope the brother is going to keep his job, because he’s in New Orleans so much. He helps Nova get a front page story on the Zika virus and while she’s proud of it, the community isn’t feeling it. Nova’s ex-lover Chantal (Reagan Gomez) doesn’t think Zika’s a pressing threat but one of Dr. Dubois’ wealthy friends has pledged seven figures to fight it in the 9th Ward. So Zika is the cause of the day. Hmmm.

Aunt Vi’s experiencing all kinds of symptoms – he hair’s falling out, her vision is blurred and she feels faint but she tells everyone, including Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) that’s she just fine. He knows better, though. Hollywood is now working at a new gig, which just happens to be owned by one of the evil ass Landrys. And though he thought it was going to be temporary, they’ve offered him a bigger job. Damn a man’s gotta work, but how is that going to play out?

Charley tells all her mama frustrations to Remy’s listening ear, but we all know he’s just trying to be patient until he can get in those draws. He’s doing good so far.

Ralph Angel and Darla get a surprise congratulations party which is only right as everyone is happy for them. At the party, Charley tells Nova what happened to Micah. Uh-oh. If Charley wanted to do something, imagine how Nova will feel. But will anybody consider Micah’s’ feelings?

This episode ends with Aunt Vi in an examination gown. What exactly is going on with her? We don’t like this storyline. These Bordelon kids can’t lose another family member with some sense cause Lawd knows, they need some guidance.

In Episode 10, “Drums At Dusk” Aunt Vi wants Ralph Angel and Darla to try some premarital counseling. How do you think that was met by Ralph? Yeah, he’s not feeling it. Sigh. But Aunt Vi has some good news of her own – she’s been approached to make a bunch of pies for the local grocery chain. And they have a fat check for her to get started. Yay, Aunt Vi! Hollywood still suspects something ain’t right but he’s got his own problems – apparently no one knows he’s been working with a company the Landrys own.

Queen Sugar Ep 210 — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Charley’s mother can’t understand why her daughter’s only working with the Black farmers because she didn’t teach her to limit herself based on race. Do we now better understand how Charley is who she is? Charley manages not to roll her eyes, and her mother promises she can make a deal work that incorporates all the farmers.

We don’t quite know what Charley’s mother does yet, but what we do know is that Aunt Vi ain’t feeling her. When she runs across her in Charley’s office as she’s looking for Charley’s help on the pie deal, some words are exchanged. Apparently, Charley’s mother wasn’t supposed to be back in Louisiana. Ever. Guess we’ll be finding out more about that later.

Darla and Charley shop for bridal dresses together since Darla’s parents have yet to make an appearance. Darla’s dress is gorgeous but she thought it would be her own mother that would help her shop for it. Charley’s not a bad stand-in though. That’s what family does – hold each other up despite it all.

When Ralph Angel tells Darla about premarital counseling, she thinks it’s a good idea. Of course, he doesn’t. Dude are you really ready to get married? Well, Micah’s ready to get some, so he takes Keke (Tanyell Waivers) over to his dad’s house and lets her know he’s out of town. Can’t blame Micah for shooting his shot. But KeKe – how much do we love that girl – isn’t about that thot life. She tells him they’re not ready. Good for her. But after their Zika event, Nova’s ready. So she and the good doc do what grown folks do. Nova gets more action than anyone else on this show. Good for her, too.

Charley soon finds out that although she owns a mill, she’s not really considered a part of Southern society. She goes to a meeting with Landry to choose a Sugar Princess for the annual Harvest Festival and gets treated like the help. So Charley decides to start her own festival. She vents to Aunt Vi, who almost gets caught reading about fibromyalgia. Is that what she has? We need to know.

Blue’s so excited that his parents are going to be together. Their scenes are so beautiful. That Blue could make anyone’s ovaries tingle. But Ralph Angel’s all broody in a sweet scene with the family in Blue’s fort. No one’s ever going to discipline Blue, that seems clear. But that’s not why RA’s upset.

It’s because some man at a convenience store recognized Darla as Star, the name she was using when she was turning tricks for drugs. Sheesh. I don’t know if Ralph Angel heard the whole exchange – ’cause the guy was still standing – but he heard enough. He’s now mad – not at a guy who paid drug-addicted prostitutes for sex – but at Darla.

He doesn’t want to touch her or look at her. He calls her selfish. Darla rightfully objects to this foolishness but she’s hurt. She can’t live down her past and she decides to sleep on the couch. While I can understand how Ralph Angel feels, it’s not like what she was doing while on drugs was a surprise to him.

Will these two ever make it to a wedding? Meantime, Doc Sexy is giving up the goods – and his house keys, but is he moving too fast for Nova?

Until next week, Sugar babies!


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