Hillary Clinton Says Voter Suppression Played Major Part In 2016 Election


What Happened is the new best-selling novel by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that outlines exactly what happened during the 2016 presidential election.

Tom Joyner Morning show correspondents Shaun King, Jacque Reid, The Rev. Al Sharpton and Roland Martin joined a roundtable interviewing Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Roland Martin explained that during the election, African-Americans were not seeing Black surrogates on radio and television. He noted that it was very difficult to get her on Black radio and television. He asks Clinton what her experience was with those kind of complaints.

“I am so convinced that everything could have had an impact on turnout and I regret and as I told you backstage and told you over and over again that it’s inexplicable to me. I have no explanation for you, ” she replied. “I can tell you that we had a lot of very active outreach that did go on across the country. But I recognized and certainly acknowledged that there wasn’t the level of involvement and participation that I had hoped for.”

Ultimately Clinton believes that, “The weaponization of information was a tool in trying to suppress voters,” as well as th the last-minute FBI investigation.

The interview also talks about the issue of health care, voter suppression, campaign momentum and the direction President Trump has taken the country.

Listen above to the entire interview.

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12 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Says Voter Suppression Played Major Part In 2016 Election


  2. NO, people got too confidence that she was going to win and stayed home. Even Trump was shock that he won. Look at how he put together his cabinet which clearly show he was NOT prepared to be President or that he was going to win. Most of his positions are still not filled. When a person wants to win, they have who they planned to pick in place. Trump did not.

  3. And look what we’re stuck with. An incompetent, narcissistic, germophobic idiot. I’ll take Hillary over this train wreck any day.

  4. Kapisright on said:

    I agree with the previous comments. Her loss is on her. We’re there obstacles? Yes but they could have been overcome with a truly robust campaign like 2008. Her campaign and nomination were historic, and she should have built momentum around her why, more than just being the first woman POTUS. She spent too much time talking about Trump instead of telling us why we should vote for her.

    No more interviews, no more books, just let it go. Dems need to rebuild without her taking up so much space and energy.

  5. Hillary has no one else to blame for losing the 2016 election but HERSELF.

    Chump had an agenda-“Make America Great Again.”–
    What agenda did she have?–NONE
    Plus, once again Hill acted like she was entitled to being voted the next President.

    Although she did well in all three debates, it still did not matter.
    Folks DISTRUSTED HER-plus that e-mail mess and the FBI man Comey
    digging up dirt one week before election day certainly did not help her.

    In addition, Hill seemed to take some folks votes for GRANTED.
    Just because people of color VOTED TWICE for Barack H. Obama-did not
    mean we would come out in droves and cast our votes for her!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Her “super predator” comment regarding African American males
    came back to HAUNT HER.

  6. Medicare, when the scandal that plagued Government run VA needs to be the US standard, maybe if you and the DNC hadn’t “colluded” to destroy Bernie’s campaign
    He would be president and US would be on the FastTrack for such a program

  7. Go away. Did you see Romney or McCain fixated on their loss? What happened was proof bias reporting existed back then and they didn’t accurately report all spectrums of the American people. As much as people will hate to admit this, we created Trump because of people dislike of you.

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