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It was a short visit to Barcelona for Porsha Williams, who exited the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast trip early.

It went down in Barcelona, so Porsha had to head home.

According to Love B. Scott, she got into a huge fight with none other than Marlo Hampton on the cast trip. Reportedly, things got ugly when the two got into a verbal altercation and Porsha pointed an object in Marlo’s face.

Marlo took the object from Porsha, who then jumped at her. Porsha never did get her hands on Marlo, but security did have to separate the ladies.

Porsha promptly hopped a plane back to Atlanta. B. Scott reports that producers booted her form the trip, but Porsha implied on Instagram that she wasn’t sent home so much as she opted to leave.

Porsha’s had a combative past on RHOA, and we all remember how she dragged Kenya Moore across the floor for pointing a scepter in her face during an RHOA reunion. Oh, how the tables have turned!

Speaking of Kenya, she never made to Barcelona with the ladies. According to TMZ.com, Bravo snatched her invite for the trip because she wouldn’t film scenes leading up to trip with her husband, Marc Daly.

Kenya was filmed participating in cast talks planning the trip, but she won’t join them on this season’s international excursion.

This could mean big trouble and a smaller check for Kenya as the RHOA cast is paid per episode. It’s unclear if Bravo is doing any filming back in Atlanta with Kenya now. Producers have tried to force Kenya into doing scenes with her husband, but he’s supposedly uninterested in appearing on the show.

There have been rumblings that if she doesn’t get her new hubby on camera, producers have threatened to take her peach and kick her off the show.

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Porsha Williams Reportedly Sent Home From ‘RHOA’ Cast Trip was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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17 thoughts on “Porsha Williams Reportedly Sent Home From ‘RHOA’ Cast Trip

    • The word “Need” is very telling. Almost as if they are addicted to it. Can’t live without it. This is so sad that they despise their natural looks so much. Very sad

      • specialt757 on said:

        Maybe you two asswipes failed to see that white big boobed air-head on Maury who spent mega money to get the biggest breast possible and injections to darken her skin. It’s as if she despised her natural looks so much she wanted to be a beautiful black woman. Which will never happen because she is a effed up looking white woman forever, and ever!

  1. specialt757 on said:

    I know one thing, Porsha needs to give credit to the author of those words. Now we all know, she is dumb as donuts, those are not her own words lol.

      • Dr. Larry on said:

        Sandy, am I making this shyt up? Black women, without exception can’t come to the table without either. No one wants to be around them. Do you not see this as a problem or is claiming, “other women do it to” make you feel justified?

    • Joanne Hendy on said:

      No, Dr. Larry, not all black women come to the table with weave and drama. Those on TV do, whether it is real or scripted (who knows?), and maybe the ones in your life. The black women I know, including my family and friends, take care of our business without the kind of drama on TV. Some of them wear weaves, wigs, locs, braids, but that is their business, it has nothing to do with their character. Stop generalizing because of some stupid show on TV!

      • Guest1 on said:

        Fake Dr. is a bitch. That’s why he’s always seeking out articles involving women of color. I guarantee he won’t step to a man with his nonsense. Where was he at yesterday? Just like Jhump, hiding under his rock until the coast was clear to come out today and talk BS. He gets his courage from sitting in front of his monitor. He can’t do the man thing, since it takes one to be one. Like Faux News, his view of women of color come, not from real life, but from some fake, made up shit from t.v. Damn! Fake Dr. You’re stupid!

    • NubianQueen on said:

      Apparently Larry, you’ve never seen any of the other Real Housewives that feature white women! They bring nothing but fake boobs, fake lips, clip ins, alcohol and drama.

      • Guest1 on said:

        Fake Dr. knows that. He’s a bitch. Always talking about black women, weave and drama? He’s on this site damn near every day bringing drama. Too bad we can’t see him with his man bun weaved in.

  2. Porsha needs to grow up!

    She went after Kenya Moore and dragged her by her weaved hair across the floor.
    Maybe Ms. P needs some anger management classes.
    She needs to check her emotions and her big mouth!!!!!!!!

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