John Hope Bryant Talks About Financial Struggles In The Black Community


Roland Martin talks to John Hope Bryant about his new book The Memo which is about teaching African-Americans to take charge of their finances by focusing on five rules. The five rules are:

RULE 1 : You Live in a Free Enterprise System— Embrace This.

RULE 2 : Your Mind-Set Makes or Loses Money and Wealth—You Choose.

RULE 3 : Relationships Are Investments— Build Relationship Capital with Yourself First.

RULE 4 : Be Entrepreneurial—Don’t Just Get a Job.

RULE 5 : Spiritual Capital Is the Start of True Wealth—Own Your Power.

To purchase the book, visit here.

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12 thoughts on “John Hope Bryant Talks About Financial Struggles In The Black Community

  1. Donald Sweeper on said:

    I thought the segment was great, but I’m disappointed that in light of the tragedy which just occurred in Las Vegas, Roland didn’t mention nor comment about the massacre. In view of the way people are grieving at this moment, this segment should have been put on hold until after sympathies and prayers had been expressed. In addition, no one was interested in hearing a football report on this morning, (the Dallas Cowboys 2&0).

  2. Kathy Price on said:

    Awesome segment. I think you should print the entire conversation. It will educate so many.
    I also want John’s contact info. I pulled myself up by my bootstraps. Now, I want to know why was it so hard.

  3. Kareem Patterson on said:

    I caught by the tail end of this segment. I heard John speak about contacting one of his offices to help repair credit. Could you post the contact information?

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