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All eyes are on Las Vegas as that is the place where O. J. Simpson is to be released.

A plan made by the state says that the football icon would be sent to Lovelock Correctional center in Northern Nevada to High Desert State Prison outside Las Vegas for his release on October 2, 2017, according to CBS News in Las Vegas.

Brooke Keast a spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections advised that the release of the 70-year-old was still being approved and that documents needed to be signed to confirm his release.

Simpson was in jail for 9 years after being charged with armed robbery and a kidnapping back in 2009. He was eligible for parole on October 1 that was decided at a hearing back in July.

In the state of Nevada, inmate releases are not done on the weekends making Monday, October 2, 2017, his official release date.

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(Source: CBS News)

(AP Photo/Julie Jacobson, Pool, file)

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9 thoughts on “Will The Juice Be Loose?

  1. I think he should live his life but do not seek out to be on tv. Now, if he is minding his own business and someone wants to take pictures, that is the person’s stupidity and OJ should file harassement charges. Personally, I a tired of hearing about this case because some people act like these two people are the only people who ever died. I was really upset with the Attorney General of Florida saying OJ can not come there. REALLY? This is same state that has drug king pens and George Zimmerman who we know for a FCT who MURDERED someone and walked and the AG is not nor have she tried to barred George. Crimes go on everyday and for anyone to keep dwelling on this case is beyond me. People are md that Colin K was kneeling for justice and want to banned him from the NFL. People are full of it

  2. The article I read said he wants to play golf and spend time with his family and friends. Then it said, “Simpson won’t be shying away from the public eye…We’re not gonna hide. He’s gonna do the same things he always did.”
    And I’m like hold up!!!! Doing the same things he always did????? Really??? Will he ever learn or just use simple commonsense?!?!??? Commonsense would tell him to keep his head low and avoid being in public as much as possible. To learn from his mistakes, he must change something. Or as my friend said, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! They condemned him when he was on the green and restaurants refused to serve him. In public, people yelled, “OJ, you murderer!”
    No! No! NO! OJ, don’t do a MJ and keep doing the same stupid thing. Just lay low and have your family and friends come visit you at your house – there is absolutely no need to drive to theirs. And then, after your parole is up, leave the country and enjoy your golden years in peace. Your family and friends can visit you in Balesin.

    • As long as OJ is minding his own business and I suggest he does not seek out being on TV, OJ should not be bothered. If someone bothers him or harash him, OJ should report it and get them brought up on charges. He does not need to take anything in his own hands (that was how they “got him” this time. it he would have been anyone else, OJ would not have serve time for 9 years, that shows the racism of our system that is white want to get you regardless he was innocent or guilty, they will get you in some slick way. he needs use the system like the system will use him.

    • The only thing MJ did wrong was still letting people come to his home. He was trying to please people and MJ was very known to can say “No” to people and as still trying to HELP people some used that against him; OJ was flaunting his white women and then tried to get his stuff back (clearly it was a set up and he fell of it. Anyone else trying to do that it would be thrown out but due to I being OJ, they used the system to get him but I always say be careful in celebrating how OJ was convicted in this case, it can come back to back to bit someone NON FAMOUS who someone in Nevada want to lock up).

      • MJ was known to “CAN NOT say No to people”. Sorry for the typo. Keys were sticking.

      • I agree with you, Sarah about the repeated news stories and documentaries and that it was a setup. If he were not Black and famous and sleeping with White women, he would not have ever been tried. At first, I thought he was innocent of the murders then I thought perhaps it was he and his son and then I thought it could have been Glenn Rogers. I do not know but just want the brother to chill. I am glad that he is free and I want him to remain free. Too many of our Black brothers and sisters are imprisoned for crimes they did not commit so I certainly do not want another one locked away. I just want this brother to realize that he is Black and not someone that can just casually believe everyone is on his side because of his fame. He needs to not trust anyone but himself.
        I say let him go live in Florida or wherever parole is granted. Perhaps he can go live with/near Casey Anthony and/or George Zimmerman. Better yet, parole him near 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Just keep quiet and do not taunt people because if he has not realized by now, he is Black.

      • I loved me some Michael but I just knew he would have more trouble when he said that he would continue to share his bed. I understood it to be innocent – actually more like scriptural but because there are so many hypocrites as well as those claiming to be religious zealots yet molesting children, I knew it would not work. I truly believe in my heart of hearts he meant well, but devious greedy people saw a payday when they allowed their kids to go to his home.

  3. Had Enough on said:

    After pacing in it’s cage for nearly a decade perhaps now this feral old silverback is at last docile enough to be released back into the wild, without fear of mauling more humans. (but keep those tranquilizer darts handy, just in case)

  4. specialt757 on said:

    Good. If he’s smart (which he’s proven he’s not) he’ll go on to FL as planned, where btw all the other crazies live, get with his white woman, play golf and STAY OUT OF TROUBLE! Just go into hiding, damn!

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