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Donald Trump made harsh statements attacking NFL players and their protest in taking the knee. He’s turned the protest into a symbol for disrespecting the flag and military.

What Trump failed to realize is that in criticizing these players he was also criticizing their protest against brain injuries and the brain disease CTE as well.

Sports journalist Bomani Jones says, “That was the more underrated part of this thing with Trump when he went about it as a whole crazy right-wing thing. There’s a war on football and that football had to be preserved so you know that it’s a defense on football but an attack on football players… And that was the big one that hit them all. You hit somebody too hard at 15 yards. And I think that was one of the big things that made the owners mad. They’re like ‘look man we are trying to stay out of court. Quit messing with the money.'”

Roland Martin brings the point that players have to begin taking notice of things. “The players have to realize that what they are doing, the issues that they were addressing are not just police brutality, criminal justice reform, but yes brain injuries, CTE. It has been totally hijacked This is where players and let me also say external groups must step up and use their power to refocus this thing and not allow it to become just a discussion just about the flag but about these issues, ” explains Martin.

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