Rev. Al Sharpton: Saving Healthcare In America


With all that’s going on today with hurricanes and the damage they cause, it also brings to light the issue of healthcare in this country. Senate is trying to repeal the affordable healthcare act and Rev. Al Sharpton explains that we can’t let that happen.

Let us watch the Republicans in the Senate who are trying to change and repeal the affordable care act.”

“If they get 50 votes then they’re on their way to a repeal. Millions of people will lose their health care,” explained Sharpton.

Sharpton encourages us all to be alert and to get active in our government. He said, “we must email and call our senators to tell them do not vote for this bill. It’s imperative that we save it. We can’t afford that to happen. ”

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4 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: Saving Healthcare In America

  1. The only people the Affordable Care Act is affordable too are those getting subsidies by tax payers let’s not forget Obama told BuKu lies to get this passed and now it’s coming to floriation young people are not signing up for it, costs continue to escalate, had it been a workable program from the start none would be the case

  2. If they do repeal, the Dems need to grow a spine and take them to court, just like they did Obama. I won’t hold my breath. They said this bill will be worse than what we had before obomacare. Those despicable republithugs said if if their bill dosen’t pass they will let Obamacare die. It’s shameful. I thougt they were elected to serve their constituents. They are there for their own self interest, damn deplorables!!!

  3. The only reason why Obamacare is being challenged for repeal by the GOP is that
    President Barack H. Obama got it done.

    These turds now are HELLBENT on denying folks access to affordable health insurance coverage.

    This just goes to show how much these politicians really care about their constituents.

    There are so many more important issues in this country than repealing legislation that
    would benefit the American people!!!!!!!

    Folks should go to DC-to the Congress/Senate and beat the —t out of all those
    POS with old school wooden baseball bats.—-Oops upside their dumb ass heads!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s sad to say, but I think Obamacare is coming to an end. The republithugs are doing everything in their power to see to that. If they don’t get it done by sept 30th it won’t happen. We all knw how much they want it to happen, come hell or high water, becuz they need to get a BIG WIN for their fake prez. So what if millions will lose coverage and premiums will sky rocket. So what if they eliminate preexciting conditions. Damn crooks!!!

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