In Port Everglades, FL, 10 petroleum companies got straight to work as they have reopened to get gas and fuel to back to people.

Hurricane Irma swept through the state leaving costly damages behind and making the ability to drive around the state hard. However, water has receded enough to allow transports to begin.

On Wednesday, September, 13, a spokeswoman from Port Everglades said trucks began their delivery routes on Monday after the storm passed.

Tuesday the trucks arrived with 18 million gallons of gasoline, 3.5 million gallons were diesel and 14.7 gallons were jet fuel.

In an interview with Local 10 News, Kennedy said, “two petroleum companies that are still working to reopen have water intrusion and other related issues.”

(Source: Local 10 News)

(AP Photo/mbr/Sarasota Herald-Tribune/Mike Lang)

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