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The West Coast represented on “First Take” Tuesday (Sept. 12) as Magic Johnson and Snoop Dogg appeared on the ESPN show to discuss the Lakers (of course) and a number of other topics.

When the subject of Colin Kaepernick’s protests and subsequent NFL unemployment came up, Snoop expressed his disappointment in the league for overlooking the actions of other players but punishing Kaepernick for taking a stand in something he believes in.

“What did he do so bad? I done seen players in the league that … I ain’t even gonna say what they did. Y’all know what they did,” Snoop said. “But it wasn’t worse than what [Kaepernick] did.”

Magic Johnson co-signed Snoop’s sentiment as he continued to defend Kaepernick’s protest.

“He peacefully protested, the word is peacefully. I’ve seen some protest in Charlottesville that wasn’t peaceful so it like shows the benefits of what he did on the positive side, which he brought some awareness to something that’s actually happening as we speak,” the rapper said.

Watch Magic Johnson and Snoop Dogg’s “First Take” appearance below.

(Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

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6 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg Defends Colin Kaepernick ON ESPN’s ‘First Take’

  1. americanize on said:

    I,m a serious football fan have my favorite team,my gear and be ready every sunday,monday,an Thursday.But not this season and also boycotting the sponsors to.Stand for something or fall for anything.

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    Try protesting in your place of work and see how it ends for you. People watch sports as an escape for the BS of the world. They don’t want politics thrown in their face by overpaid, entitled athletes.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Kap is not on a NFL team because he called America out on their bullshit, nothing more, nothing less. Tell the truth and shame the white devils ah that would be the NFL.

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