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General Robert E. Lee’s descendant Rev. Robert Lee and North Carolina Pastor, author, and activist Rev. Jim Wallis join Roland Martin in talking about Lee’s anti-racism speech at the MTV Awards.

Rev. Robert Lee left the Winston-Salem congregation after facing a backlash from his anti-racism speech at the MTV Awards.

Lee says the church, “thought it was bringing negative attention to the church. They were concerned about what was going on.”

He explained that people don’t want to acknowledge that groups like Black Lives Matters fighting against racism are relevant issues. He says, “White people give us our paychecks and if we are not saying what they want to hear it changes things. I think we have a mission and a movement here.”

Rev. Jim Wallis joined in on the conversation commending Lee for his actions and added, “We have to see these issues as theological. This isn’t just politics. This is what theology tells us and white supremacy is an idol. This idol of racism is keeping White Christians away from God. You’re loving your people in order to teach the gospel to them.”

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