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There is a serious lack of good authentic movies made on the history of African-Americans. Many of those that have been made have been twisted and turned to suit a particular narrative, to cater to the wider audience of White Americans.

Here we mention 3 must-watch movies, which have defied the mindset of wider audience to represent history as it transpired:

Malcolm X

Directed by Spike Lee, “Malcolm X” is a representation of the life of the fierce civil rights activist Malcolm X. Malcolm Little, was handsomely portrayed in the film by prodigy Denzel Washington in a role, which to-date is known as one of the most deserving performances to not be honored with an academy award.

Lee does a good job portraying the evolving views of Malcolm Little as his fight for civil rights changed with time. The movie also does justice to the activism that Malcolm was so fond of. The movie rightfully portrays Malcolm Little as a fiery yet judicious African American, who fought to change the way Blacks lived in America. The movie also cemented Washington as one of the best African-American actors of his generation.


When Steven Spielberg directs a movie, there is not much room for criticism. Interestingly, before the release of Amistad, a film based on the events aboard a slave ship named La Amistad, Spielberg was under pressure due to his below average direction in “The Color Purple”.

The film closely follows the mutiny within the slave ship which was heading to Cuba. The slaves that initiated the mutiny were then arrested and tried in court. Spielberg, through brilliant visual aid, depicts a vivid replication of what exactly transpired in the La Amistad and how important a role it had to play in the complex nature of slavery at the time.


Numerous documentaries and films have been made on the character of one of the most renowned boxers in the world, Mohammad Ali. But they often succumbed to the charisma that was attached with Ali’s character rather than focusing on his social ideology. “Ali” was directed by filmmaker Michael Mann, who understood and delved on the fact that Ali orchestrated what was to be an extraordinary era of African-American politics. Handsome, classy, big and proud, Mohammad Ali was wonderfully depicted by the ever-popular Will Smith.

The film picks up when Mohammad Ali is already a champion and is known as Cassius Clay, before he converts to Islam. The film captures some of the most tumultuous years of Ali’s life as he refuses to volunteer for Vietnam, standing up for his beliefs instead.

(Photo Credit: Associated Press)

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