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Houston-based father and husband Jeremiah Richard went viral in the midst of Hurricane Harvey when he showed up as his best self despite his trial. An ABC News reporter caught up with Richard as he and his son were taken to safety after their house, like so many others, flooded. When asked where he was headed, Richard said he didn’t know but that he trusted in God to order his steps.


Well, if you saw that memorable clip, so did the folks at the Willie Moore, Jr. show, who found Richard and his family, now safe at their aunt’s house. Richard, who has another son who is deaf, has set up a Go Fund Me to help his family, who have lost everything – except faith and each other.

Listen to his interview below:

While the Richard family is unhurt, they are asking, if it’s in your heart, for donations to help with the inevitable costs of regrouping and rebuilding after the storm.

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The Richard family. https://instagram.com/p/BYV22mVhFrD/

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Please note family, while some kindhearted souls have set up GoFundMe accounts this is the family’s OFFICIAL account where you can donate. 


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One thought on “Jeremiah Richard Gives God The Glory While Surviving Hurricane Harvey

  1. How can one not respond to this story? Did God cause the hurricane in the first place? If not, why didn’t he prevent it? And what about those unfortunate people that were seriously injured or killed in the hurricane? Did God find them unworthy of his care? How about the other animals that no doubt were injured or killed in the hurricane? They couldn’t pray, so they had to catch hell? Invoking God as an explanation for survival after a natural disaster is senseless.

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