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It’s been 12 years this week since Hurricane Katrina brought death, devastation, and destruction to New Orleans and other parts of coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  The majority of survivors evacuated to Texas,  but they also moved to other parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Arkansas. led to  But we also knew that bringing entire families into homes of families that were some times struggling themselves had to be costing them lots of sacrifices.  We knew that charities would be zeroing in on the victims of the storms and rightfully so. This reality led to the Tom Joyner Foundation forming the Relief Fund.  The outpouring of love began immediately and we raised thousands.

Hurricane Harvey has hit Houston hard this weekend and it isn’t over, so starting this morning I’m personally putting $20,000 in the BLACKAMERICAWEB RELIEF FUND. We can’t help everyone but once again, we are going to help the families that are taking in other families who have lost their homes.  They can be anywhere, Houston to NYC.

If you’re a family that’s opening up your home, write me and please include references from your boss, pastor,  neighbors, etc.

We are a giving community and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to offer a safe place to donate where you KNOW the funds will go to the people its intended for.

Let’s use our prayers and our power to make a difference.  We can’t provide shelter for everyone in need but we can give some financial relief to a lot of folks who have chosen to be a port in the storm.

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