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Dr. Bellamy the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia explains that white supremacist were angry with him.

He says, “This is about them believing that a young Black African-American male who, they’ve said on several occasions has gotten too big for his britches and that I’m pushing all this equity stuff and that I’m trying to take back what’s theirs.”

A $4 million budget was passed specifically in the community to marginalize people of color. Dr. Bellamy believes that is the reason behind their anger.

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4 thoughts on “Who Are White Supremacists Really Angry With?

  1. Karen mclean on said:

    Not all white people feel this way I for one do not. Everyone should be treated equally. Everyone should love one another.

  2. They are ANGRY and RESENTFUL at people of color.
    Holding on to it for the eight years that Barack H. Obama was in the WH.

    They do not like the DIVERSITY of this country and would like SEGREGATION among other things to return to Amerykah.

    Whites are scared that their so called “superiority” is a MYTH and is being challenged.

    They need to simply GET OVER THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mia. Powell on said:

    Some White people need to realize this do not belong to them The Native American were here first and then they went and got the African American to built this county so if it belong to anyone it’s us. So STFU and go on somewhere you racist white supremacist because this is not the 60’s anymore and we are not afraid of you all.

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