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The family of 8-year-old Gabriel Taye, who committed suicide in January after being bullied, is suing the elementary school he attended for withholding critical information about the incident and hiding the environment that led to his death.

A lawsuit filled in the district court of Cincinnati states that the lawyers representing Gabriel Taye’s family said that the Carson Elementary School only told Taye’s mother of the incident after he recovered.

By not telling the mother the full extent of the incident, the school withheld vital information that could have been used to find the right treatment for Gabriel.

On January 24, 2017, Taye was knocked unconscious in a bathroom in Carson Elementary School. As he laid on the ground, other kids kicked and stepped on him. A surveillance tape showing the incident was released back in May.

Two days later he hung himself on the bunk bed in his bedroom using his neck tie.

The lawsuit describes an atmosphere of, “aggression, violence, bullying, intimidation, and harassment”, according to NBC News.

In their own reports, the school district recorded only a small amount of bullying incidents during the 2016-2017 school year.

A second report on bullying in the school district, which also includes Carson Elementary, makes no mention of Gabriel’s incident and what happened afterward.

(Source: NBC News)

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14 thoughts on “Parents Of 8-Year-Old Who Committed Suicide Is Suing The School District

  1. CPS get an “F” for the way this was handled. First I’ll say teachers should be paid more for what is expected of them as teachers. Children should be taught basic morals, ethics, responsibility and accountability and starting at home. Large bonuses should not be given to the superintendents unless the schools they are over perform well in all areas. All the passed school levies, new buildings, bonuses given and taken each time there is a new superintendent yet this is only one of the incidents that happen in CPS only because it made the news. CPS has history of under reporting incidents that would give the school a bad reputation. If those staff members, teachers, and the superintendent in CPS were made to send their own children to schools where they teach like Carson, as a condition of employment they would be more vested in making sure the schools were making the grade academically and otherwise. Why did it take so long for someone to realize the child was missing from the classroom and check the restroom? Even if the teacher had to ask a custodian to check on the child why didn’t it happen? Things like this happen in CPS and rather than deal with the problem of bullying whether it be by student to student, staff to student or principal to teacher, principals, assistant principals, teachers, and staff appear to look the other way because they want to give the appearance that all is good with CPS. It appears there was negligence on the part of the the school system as a whole, the parents of the students who kicked and walked over that poor baby as well as the students and staff who did not realize he was missing for some time. Someone had to know even if it were by rumor that bullying was going on. This situation is the result of the lack of raising our children properly and creating monsters in society. There is no reason that little boy should have felt so bad about life at the age of 8 years old that he felt the need to end his life. No one had the right to make him feel bad. What kind of monsters are we so-called raising as a society? There is definitely a lack of ethics, morals, values, basic compassion, empathy, and sympathy in the children who kicked and stepped over him. It all comes back to the home and what kind of job we’re doing as parents and as a society with our children. The same children who kicked and stepped over this babies body are the one’s we expect to somehow later become responsible, productive members in this society. Accountability is the way to address this at CPS. We get a “F” as a society because we are failing our children. This story really still hurts my heart.

  2. Tunisia Morse on said:

    The family should sue the school and administration was very irresponsible for not reveling the truth regarding how bad he was abused. The school also is responsible for implementing bullying policy if they have an atmosphere of bullying in their school and to inform the parents. This is critical. He was only nine. He was knocked out and kicked that is brutal. What’s wrong with you people? Every last one of those kids should be expelled and parents made to go to family court.

  3. queen on said:

    Why why why is this happening so much in our society today? what is with all this bullying? these idiots have nothing better to do than to torture some one, usually someone who is smaller in stature, smarter than there dumb asses, more athletic, better looking, a loner, the list just goes on and on. how does this idiot feel once that child has commited suicide? are they the least bit sorry. how is it that our children this young even know anything about how to commit suicide? I talk to my grandchildren frequently and I’m always asking if anyone is bothering them. it just alarms me that it could happen. the few incidents they did encounter they either took care of themselves, or their mother went to the school and handled it right off the bat. parents talk to your babies, watch them, is there a change in their demeanor, do they seem unhappy, not wanting to go to school, have no friends, always clinging to you. these could be cries for help. watch your babies, there are people who will hurt them enough to make them want to die. My prayers for this family.

  4. I am so disturbed by this tragic incident. Parents need to talk with their children about bullying! Respecting others begins at home. The bullies were jealous of Gabriel, because appeared to be “different than them in a positive way.” Parents, not only sue the school, and the Teachers; but also sue the parents of the bullies!

    Rest In Peace Gabriel.

  5. My heart goes out to the baby. What does an eight year-old know about suicide? That is what I find horrifying!!!!! Also, how did the parents not know the child was rendered unconscious? Did he not come home with bruises? Both the parents and the school should be held accountable!!!

  6. leadjustone on said:

    Well, sometimes you can end the bullying problem by “standing up for yourself”, and sometimes you can’t. An 8 year old shouldn’t have to go to school and feel like he is walking the gauntlet everyday. This was absolutely not his fault, and yes the school should have made sure that he was protected. When a child enters that school building, the teachers/administrators stand in place of the parent. That’s just Education 101. The school screwed up, and they will probably have to pay for it. My heart goes out to the parents. They will probably forever question if they could have done something more. Very sad.

  7. Denise on said:

    I agree, the school and the officials should be held accountable for withholding important information. Contrary to what people think, just because you work in a school and some have degrees, doesn’t mean you know how to deal with children and how to deal with and handle bullies. Sadly enough, everything and anything can be found on the internet.
    My prayers go out to this baby’s family.

  8. specialt757 on said:

    Unfortunately, for our kids, it’s a new day where social media is a big part of their lives, not just because of the parents but because of their peers and advertisers trying to get every dollar they can from anyone from age 2 to 102.
    This is what happens when the family unit breaks down, not all parents know how to be parents or even should be parents, again, unfortunately for our youth.
    It’s not the school’s fault he was bullied, it’s their fault because they withheld information from the parent to make a decision on whether to send him back there or not, (her words).
    AT my house, my dad wasn’t haven’t it, you take yourself back to school the next day and whip his or her ass and then let us deal with the school, suicide was NOT an option, besides I didn’t even know what to do, but now in the days of social media, they will walk you through it step by step. It is really the devils playground.

  9. Bullies have been and will always be a part of society. We have to start teaching our children how to deal with them the way our parents taught us. It would never have occurred to our parents to even consider the school responsible for protecting us from bullies. I don’t think you could ever find the case of a baby committing suicide as a result of being bullied in school back then. And unless parents start being good stewards of their children’s lives and stop depending on social media to raise our kids, this is what we can expect.

  10. specialt757 on said:

    I had a bully in 9th grade, turns out he really liked me. I didn’t like his short ass, even though he was cute, all the little hot strumpets liked him, I wanted to whip his ass. We actually became friends before I moved away and left the school.
    Standing up for yourself is a bully’s worst deterrent. I wish this young man didn’t have to die, but the school shouldn’t have withheld this vital information, he didn’t pass out, he was knocked unconscious, his parents should have been told that immediately.

  11. So sad that the young ones are committing suicide due to school kids bullying.
    Bullies are INSECURE POS who single out certain children to terrorize.

    From my own experience, once you beat the tar out of that Bully-the issue is usually resolved.
    I had someone bully me from middle school up to high school-until I simply had enuff one day.

    School personnel address this issue and nip it in the bud if possible.
    If not, EXPEL the damn BULLY!!!!!!!!!!

    My heart goes out to little Gabriel-who chose the only way out that he knew-death.

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