Inside Her Story: How To Have A Baby As A Single Woman


There are many women that desire to have kids but circumstances have made it hard. Maybe they are unable to conceive or can’t find a partner. Jacque Reid went inside of Alexis Stodghill’s story on the process of embryo banking.

The process includes extracting eggs from the uterus and then adding it to sperm so that an embryo is created.  Personally, she has extracted about 100 eggs and only two normal embryos were created and frozen.

This treatment can cost anywhere between $15k -$20k.

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Celebs Who Went the Surrogate Route
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2 thoughts on “Inside Her Story: How To Have A Baby As A Single Woman

  1. Wow. More power to her. I myself don’t understand WHY a woman over 40 (or a single woman in particular) even WANTS to bring a child into this world! Besides, she sounds like a high risk. Is it worth conceiving a child that may have defects? And she would be kind of old to be keeping up with an infant. I really don’t think it is fair to the baby to have an elderly mother! I wish she had responded to Tom’s question about adoption.There are so many children already here who could use a loving home. I don’t feel very optimistic about the state of this world. I PRAY for all of the babies and pregnant women!

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