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Comedian Donnell Rawlings, aka “Ashy Larry”, is being accused of punching a fan at a hotel in SoHo.

Cops are saying that Rawlings punched Thurston Greer, a fan, outside the SoHo Grand Hotel on West Broadway near Grand St. at 2:30 am on Friday.

According to the NY Daily News, 30-year-old Greer saw Dave Chappelle and Rawlings coming out of a bathroom in the hotel when he approached him for a picture.

Chappelle declined to take the picture; Greer went outside of the hotel and began live streaming on his Facebook about not getting a picture with the comedian.

Thinking that Greer was still trying to get a photo, Rawlings, and a security guard angrily walked outside and tried to remove Greer’s phone from him.

During the encounter, Greer received a punch and several scratches which were treated at the scene. Greer identified Rawlings as the one who punched him, but charges have not been made.

Rawlings lawyer made a statement saying, ” Whatever the police wants us to do, we are happy to work with them.”

A source that is close with Rawlings said that Greer was very aggressive and even tried getting a picture with them in the bathroom. Rawlings took a swing at Greer but never made contact.

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

(Source: NY Daily News)

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3 thoughts on “Comedian Accused Of Punching Fan Who Wanted A Photo

  1. specialt757 on said:

    Although BAW didn’t post it here, there is a video in which you can clearly hear the fan ask him could he take a photo and Dave told him no, then all this kafuffle and commotion where the guy is filming live on FB.

  2. “Thinking that Greer was still trying to get a photo”. Well, was he or wasn’t he still trying to get a photo? If he was, dude needs to learn how to take no for an answer. If he wasn’t then Rawlings and the security guard should apologize, take out the check book and take that spanking.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    Once Dave & Ashy said no to the photo, the fan should have backed the F off. Fans don’t have a right to take pictures, it’s a privilege and clearly up to the celebrity. If you don’t like it, stop being a fan. Take your thirsty ass home punk.

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