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Rarely-seen photographs of the late Prince Rogers Nelson by Afshin Shahidi are featured in a new book Prince: A Private View, with a foreword by none other than Beyoncè.

“Truth be told, the word ‘icon’ only scratches the surface of what Prince was and what he remains to me,” Bey writes of the musical icon, according to EW.

The images range from intimate to candid to staged, and many have never been seen before, the website reports. Shahidi, the father of Black-ish star Yara Shahidi and Prince’s friend of two decades, was also the only photographer to shoot the artist’s private “3121” parties in Los Angeles. His photos and captions reflect their close relationship, EW reports.

Prince: A Private View is due Oct. 17


 Yara Shahidi spoke about her memories of Prince during a visit to The Real last November.

“I have so many memories,” she told co-host Loni Love. “But I’d have to say one. When my first movie came out, ‘Imagine That,’ he actually rented a theater so that everybody was able to go see it.”

She also said that an image of her remains in Paisley Park to this day.

“They opened up Paisley Park and there’s still a picture of me in his office, which was surreal when I first got that message like I’m still in the office…so that was quite a moment,” she said. “I mean honestly, he has given my family the ability to do what we want and embrace the fact that we are all a family of creatives…so, we owe a lot to him.”

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Remembering Prince Through the Years
15 photos




9 thoughts on “Beyoncè Writes Intro For New Book Of Prince Photos

  1. leadjustone on said:

    For someone who “can’t even spell her own name” (joke….not), Mrs. Carter seems to be doing just fine financially. Stop the hatred people!

    • Just so you know, dummies, money does not make the person. She’s zero with or without money. We’re all entitled to opinions and don’t have to be haters for it. Wise u you fool.

      • Louise – I totally agree. Although I must say, writing may be better for her since she can’t speak coherently……and Kates1221, I am laughing so much!!!!!

  2. Because Sheila E. wasn’t around during the majority of his time with Prince. He met Prince in 1989, but did most of his cinematography and photography work in the 2000s. That was the NPG era. The Tamar Davis, Shelby J, Maceo Parker, John Blackwell, etc. crew. I’m sure he chose Beyonce because they all shared the same publicist, saw each other behind the scenes, Prince was supportive of her as an artist, and she was a fan. Besides, Sheila E. already wrote a foreword for Steve Parke’s book, therefore, she was unavailable. Morris Day was a snake in the grass so he was no go. Prince’s relatives are leeches. Let’s be honest. There wasn’t a lineup of people to ask, unless he wrote it himself.

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