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Deion Sanders’ son Shilo announced Thursday his joy over being back with his mother Pilar full time following a super-messy, four-year custody battle.

“After what seems like forever, I’m finally officially back full time with my mom!” Shilo wrote on Instagram. “My mom having full custody of me is all I have wanted for years. Thank you to the court system for finally seeing the truth, and putting me in a healthy loving environment.”

But hold up… Sanders must’ve said something to Shilo about the post because it was followed immediately by another one that accused his dad of having misplaced priorities.

In the post that was quickly deleted, Shilo accused Deion of refusing to pay for his special football helmet designed to protect against concussions, despite “getting money from the NFL concussion lawsuit.”

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14 thoughts on “Deion Sanders Flamed By Son Shilo After Pilar Wins Full Custody

  1. DEION has children created via the BABY RING he does not claim! I DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED to the YOUNGER IDENTICALS of pilars three children! It is a satanic cult!

    DEION accused pilar of being in the satanic cult, allegedly she dated the actor Wesley Snipes,and he is known to be SATANIC&IS close with Bimmey, his SISTER manages waka flaka, her son! I do not know Why there were not any arrests made! I WAS and an a victim of the same baby ring!

    MY children are still missing, the truth came out years ago, two decades&I never KNEW DEION and many others WERE connected! I DID NOT KNOW DEION except for being a sports fan, well as you KNOW one person know this person and so forth and so on!

    I TRULY love the kids,his ACQUAINTANCE Russell SIMMONS BROUGHT ME around his children#2006 I truly do not understand Deion’s choice of people he chose to be around!

    I only know Russell via his in laws&a long time ago, his little BROTHER stopped by MY resident in LEFRAK CITY with his in law! The baby ring was operating year&the satanic cult grew! I have photos, documents, that proves MY case, including MY BRAIN MRI, X-RAYS, ETC…Human trafficking, ETC major business!NikiFerguson facebook! Twitter @luv69&@NikalasFerguson!

    I have know idea WHY DEION did not do an interview in December of 2014 0r 2015 about the satanic cult!

  2. Alberta I think if you’re gonna comment at least have your information correct, Deion is not sleeping with another man’s wife….his EX-WIFE yes…but not his wife….get it together. Furthermore, if you can’t give any encouraging advice then give none at all and that’s not only to you but to all of us!!

  3. Children need more than material items from each parent. Children expect love and support from both parents. Children can see the disconnect and the faults of both parents. Parents playing hide and seek only escalates the relationship.

  4. creole on said:

    Deion never seem to take ownership over his part in this situation. Instead of doing everything to keep the kids away from there mother he should have taken tips from his girlfriend on how to co-parent.

  5. leadjustone on said:

    I don’t understand why they (adults and children) keep talking about each other publicly. It’s not going to help them heal their relationships. Please stop putting your business out in the media for all the world to see. Settle it at home, and keep it there.

  6. CeeCew on said:

    When you have a woman that has 5 kids for you and you disrespect her in the public & all over social media, expect Karma…!!
    Then to move a woman in the house , sleep with her with your kids under the same roof & expect to remain a family and be respected is NOT gonna happen.
    All of the money in the world can’t stop that.

  7. Alberta on said:

    Looks like $$$ money doesn’t stop men from cheating or leaving or being faithful…So you cheat when was broke & you still cheating with millions of dollars stop blaming women for your lustful spirit. the man is dating one of our favorite singers wife..Kenny Edmunds Baby Face..Deion man come on really you think Pilar is a unfit parent? My dad & his brothers never had deal with their fathers 2nd wife even less live with her..or give her kissy face or even a smile..Like really? you are a manipullated the entire family just so you can get your sex on & commit adultery doesn’t make a man faithful. Those women will get old & sooner than you think..what’cha going to do then?..get young girl?

  8. Alberta on said:

    Never try to take a womans children away from her….Pilar gave Deion 5 kids who do he think he is? You want a divorce OK fine but those children are still hers that never changes…Deion got the nerve to have another man’s wife in his house sleeping over in the same house his children live in that ain’t kosher. Wealthy black men got too many issues to count…they are out of control. NFL NBA, Hollywood black men get it together…

  9. Joe Gonzales on said:

    Deion Sanders is a good man. Deion Sanders is known to have spoiled and taken well care of his kids including this spoiled brat a real winner and Cryer. There are plenty of young black Americans that would be pleased to have such a great father like Deion Sanders. I have no respect nor do I have any sympathy for this brat. He is nothing but the lowest common denominator anywhere very untangle very ungrateful. Look around yourself going to hoods and see how many poor black kids wish they even have a family and this bastard pisses me off. Jim uhh

  10. Janaline on said:

    KIDSSSssss are *SPECIAL* I’ve got Adult>>Kids!! Those ones That are Grown in AGE But a KID when they NEED or Want Something!, I don’t Envy these Parents of TODAY!! The World is TOooo Social Media and TOoo Entitled. You can Raise a Kid with Everything they need and want and they STILL gonna find a PROBLEM!! It’s Almost a NO WIN Situation with ANY KID! If the Kid is Smart and Educated the Parents hv PAID a PRICE for that! And if your Kid is a Problem Kid then You will hv PAID a PRICE for that TOooo! SOooo, just STAY PRAYFUL and POSITIVE BUT just Don’T Give UP!! ~Jan

  11. specialt757 on said:

    Now when she does something to piss him off then where is he going to go? Thing about burning bridges, you can’t cross them again.

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