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After three years of separation and a year and a half after their divorce, Deion Sanders and ex-wife Pilar Sanders‘ fighting doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Pilar took to Twitter to blast Deion — claiming he wouldn’t let her see the children and called the police on her –avoiding their court-ordered visitation requirements.

He spoke with Bossip about his ex-wife’s allegations. He asked for news sites and blogs to correct their information. Then, he called his ex-wife “certified crazy!”

“When a man walks away, that tells you a lot about the situation; when a man wins custody, that tells a lot about the situation,” he said.

He said he could not and would not ever be friends with his ex-wife — while he denied her allegations of abuse during their marriage.

“If you understood what transpired in court; the lies about the abuse. I mean when somebody says that you attempted to murder them; how can you kidnap your own kids and you got custody of them?”

He added, “God established me, not man nor woman. So, I ain’t going nowhere. I’ll pray on it; but no time soon.”

Fine…But Crazy!
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