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*Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones had to call in the cavalry to find his missing earring after it flew from his ear as he fell while jet skiing.

Valued at about $150,000, the diamond stud ended up somewhere in the waters of Georgia’s Lake Lanier, so the All-Pro NFL star hired a dive team on Tuesday (July 25) to search for the missing jewel…to no avail.

Divers went as far down as 65 feet, according to WXIA-TV in Atlanta.

“It’s down in crevasses and nooks and crannies,” Richard Pickering, one of the salvage divers, told WXIA. “It’s impossible — absolutely impossible.”

Asked whether the earring was worth $100,000, Jones told WXIA, “Yeah, yeah, it was worth a little bit.”

Jones’ jeweler said the earring is worth $150,000.

Jones, who reports to Falcons training camp today, said he’s just glad no one got hurt when he fell off the Jet Ski.

“As long as I’m good, it’s materialistic stuff,” he told WXIA. “You can always get that kind of stuff back.”

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10 thoughts on “Falcons’ Julio Jones Hires Dive Team To Find His Lost $150k Earring

  1. M M Roberts on said:

    He could help dinner boys and girls club, an elderly facility. We have no real concept of money or it’s worth.

  2. Tolton Hendley on said:

    I’m sure he did have insurance, however he has to exhaust all avenues before filing a claim….

    • specialt757 on said:

      I’ve never heard that before, he must be insured my “the general & Shaq”, my insurance company only requires proof I owned/had the item, and no deductible. He is a rich dummy.

  3. I would love to know what a 150K earring looks like and how many carats it is.

    If a person is going to invest that type of $ into a piece of jewelry-why not go the extra mile and have the piece INSURED!!!!!!!!!


  4. specialt757 on said:

    just wondering: my diamond earrings didn’t cost 1/32 of what Jones’ did and mine have “screw backs” making them nearly impossible to come off unless I twist them off, I wondered did his.

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