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Pastor John Gray is a popular pastor of Lakewood Church in Texas, along with Joel Osteen. At the recent MegaFest, his comments generated controversy when he talked openly about sex in his relationship.

He said while the comments were accurate the short clip lacked the entire context, which was a response to a question about whether or not women should seek validation from a man.

“The point I made was clear — if you have a wife, spoil her, honor her and reverence her. And whether that’s with expressions of gifts or consistent commitment, God will bless your union,” he added. “Money isn’t the deciding factor in honoring ones wife. Some women desire time spent, or dinner cooked. Other women do like gifts and that’s fine too. Anyway, I’m done for now. God bless!”

Willie Moore, Jr. asks his listeners to “Keep It 100” by asking about how they felt about Gray’s comments. He says we need to have a conversation about sex. Check out what he and his listeners have to say below:


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