Joe Torry Defends Supporting Bill Cosby At Trial, Says He Didn’t Get A Check From It [EXCLUSIVE]


Last week comedian and actor Joe Torry showed up to court with the embattled legendary entertainer Bill Cosby at his sexual assault trial in a showing of support.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show talked exclusively with Torry about his decision to be a part of Cosby’s public supporters at the courthouse.

According to Torry, he was not paid to be a supporter, he explained, “I never asked Bill for a check. Ain’t never got a check from Bill.”

Adding, “I don’t know what you’re [Tom Joyner] thinking about, that I’m doing this for profit. I know people want to hear, ‘Oh that’s why Joe Torry’s there Thursday. There’s got to be a reason. There’s got to be a check.’ No, that’s my frat brother, that’s a black man that has done a lot for Black America.”

Check out the heated interview below!



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7 thoughts on “Joe Torry Defends Supporting Bill Cosby At Trial, Says He Didn’t Get A Check From It [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. Tramayne on said:

    Tom tried to turn it into a joke about working… Joe never mentioned money… Joe was 100% correct,… they assumed it was motivated by greed. Joe just gained my respect! Reminds me of the poem “If! RQQ

  2. Sylvia on said:

    I listened to both interviews and Joe Torry tried to back peddle his earlier statement,but he can’t he clearly said he was there to get the story first hand for his podcast,clearly that’s his motive to make money not support his frat bro. tell huggie I vote for Joe torry HE IS THE BAMMA OF THE WEEK.

  3. Butter Pecan on said:

    I remember listening to one of his albums and joking about Spanish Fly. When asked my daddy what it was, he turned it off. When I got older, I listened and decided I could not support someone that thought it was okay to drug women then have his way with them! He’s a disgusting POS IMO!

  4. specialt757 on said:

    SN: In that photo (above) of Joe Torry, he almost looks handsome, so I’ll give it up to the make-up artist and the photographer, kudos. Now he could really fool somebody on IG or these dating sites. You all have seen that commercial where the lady says, “you look nothing like your profile pic” LOL!!!
    On another note, I didn’t listen to the interview lol, I just know Tom is full of it.

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