BLACK MOMS MATTER: Can Your Child Say The N-Word?


06/08/17 – In this edition of Black Moms Matter, Kym and Sherri actually agree on a topic…kind of.

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3 thoughts on “BLACK MOMS MATTER: Can Your Child Say The N-Word?

  1. lois on said:

    This is a stupid discussion. NOBODY–Black or White should use the word, period. It is NOT a term of endearment among Black folks regardless of how rich the comics and rappers got off of using this word. Every time I hear the word, I think of the “strange fruit” hanging from the trees. Is this what Black people who use the word think of their people?! Even Richard Pryor had an epiphany and publicly announced that he would stop calling our people N’s. When a white person uses the word, Oh God, let’s decapitate them! But I hear Black people using the word amongst each other every day. I ain’t mad at Bill Mahr, although he got a little comfortable with it but he apologized. There should not be a double standard, let alone discussing whether or not your children should use it. Future generations should bury casual use of this word. Let’s evolve, people!

  2. Kaci on said:

    The use of that word is such a double standard and blacks will never get respect from using it until blacks learn to stop using it. If it’s about being oppressive, stop using it, comics, rappers should not be allowed to used it either.

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Absolutely not! I don’t, have never and will never use that word and my children KNOW that it is not allowed to be used anywhere, in any form, ever.

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