So much for free speech.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, assistant professor of African-American studies at Princeton University, decided to cancel her public appearances after she received death threats and more than 50 racist emails.

Why? Because she dared to call President Donald Trump a “racist, sexist megalomaniac.”

And here’s the truth of it: Taylor was right.

But sadly, right-winged cowards forced Taylor to cancel her speeches – for now. Taylor said she didn’t show up for her appearances because of “fear of my safety and my family’s safety” and “specific threats of violence, including murder.”

In a nation that embraces free speech, racists would like to silence Taylor’s spot-on political views. Taylor, a social scholar, embraces Black Lives Matter and speaks often about the Black experience in America and Trump’s mean-spirited social policies.

Here’s what Taylor said in a statement after her recent speech at New Hampshire College:

“My speech at Hampshire was applauded but Fox News did not like it. Last week, the network ran a story on my speech, describing it as an “anti-POTUS tirade.” I argued that Donald Trump, the most powerful politician in the world, is “a racist and sexist megalomaniac,” who poses a threat to their future,” Taylor said.

“Shortly after the Fox story and video were published; my work email was inundated with vile and violent statements. I have been repeatedly called “nigger,” “bitch,” “cunt,” “dyke,” “she-male,” and “coon” — a clear reminder that racial violence is closely aligned with gender and sexual violence,” she wrote. “I have been threatened with lynching and having the bullet from a .44 Magnum put in my head.”

Absolutely disgusting. It’s a shame that a thoughtful, intellectual professor who is sharing political wisdom with college students is being forced to curtail her public comments because racist wimps are threatening her from the obscurity of the Internet.

It’s a troubling pattern: White supremacist groups are on the rise since Trump was elected and they are feeling more emboldened in their violent criticism of outspoken African-Americans like Taylor.

David Duke, the white nationalist and former leader of the KKK, is a proud Trump supporter and an enemy to African-Americans.

“Make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!” Duke tweeted after the election.

Consider this:

Stephen Bannon, Chief White House strategist and the architect behind President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, enjoys referring to a little-known 1973 French novel about dark-skinned immigrants who eat feces and invade a white society.

The book, The Camp of the Saints, was written by French author Jean Raspail. The book cover explains the premise: “A chilling novel about the end of the white world.”

The novel focuses on Asians, Africans and Middle Eastern nationals who travel to Europe to create a race war and destroy the “white” Western civilization.

Immigrants take over the Paris government, trample white people in their path and abduct white women, forcing them into prostitution. Other immigrants of color riot in America: In New York City, Black residents from Harlem storm the mayor’s office and force him to adopt a Black family.

Does Bannon – and his potential racist followers — think people like Taylor are trying to take over the white world?

Fortunately, Taylor has plenty of supporters.

“We reject any effort to silence Professor Taylor or the principled intellectual tradition she represents,” Princeton’s Department of African American Studies said a statement. “We denounce these acts of racial, gender, and sexual violence and the efforts to intimidate and harass Professor Taylor. Her ideas deserve the widest possible audience, free from threat or intimidation.”

Taylor won’t be in seclusion for long and when she steps back to the lectern at colleges and universities, I’m sure her audiences will be on their feet applauding her return to share her truth.

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14 thoughts on “Free Speech Or Hate Speech? Black Professor Cancels Appearances After Death Threats

  1. FallMornings on said:

    Its a travesty to not let her speak but when a Conservative is not allowed to do so? I both cases it is wrong!! If one can speak all should.

  2. jhuf on said:

    hello conservitives face this all the time look what happened to Ann Coulter @ Burkley I guess what goes around comes around

  3. Kaci on said:

    Although I sympathize with her plight, as a black Christian, that’s the same thing that is happening to those who try to speak about religion. It’s not about being anti-LGBT but being pro-religion. I guess, to each his own.

    • specialt757 on said:

      I agree Kaci, but religion can’t be used to oppress and deny and some people who use religion don’t know where to draw the line between right and wrong. I remember looking at the movie the book of Elijah, the self-appointed “leader” was trying to use religion to make people do what he wanted them to do in the name of God. And don’t get me wrong, you have to know the Bible for yourself, everyone’s interpretation isn’t correct or as intended by God, we have to be wise enough to know the difference.

  4. specialt757 on said:

    I guess it’s easy for me to say F them, I won’t be silenced, however, I’m not in her situation, so me being so cavalier about her and her family lives is unfair. However, many of our past and present “heroes” and activists have fought against this type of racist and sexist intimidation by standing up and standing out and doing just the opposite of Ms. Taylor.
    Duke tweeted “…our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!” and that is 100% true. Racists in America did more damage to our country than Russia can ever do. We live in a hypocritical society. We even think it’s our right to tell other country what they should be doing when we ourselves oppress and discriminate against our own citizens for WHATEVER reason.
    If people in Taylor’s position are afraid to attend public appearances and speak out against the HATE in this country, then I don’t know if I can really respect them. She allowed these cowards to bully her instead of standing up for what she knows is right. She, using her platform could make the difference or be the change (from hate) this country so badly needs. I can’t say I agree with her stance not to speak at her speaking engagements.

    • Diane on said:

      I agree. She shouldn’t let these cowards bully her. She should speak her truth to power. But it’s her choice. It is what it is. I’ll continue to speak my truth, whenever/ wherever I chose.

  5. Free Speech does not apply to folks of color.
    How dare we SPEAK TRUTH to others LIES!!!!!

    Look for more of our personal freedoms going by the wayside-thanks to the Idiot-in Chief and
    his ugly Klan.

  6. Diane on said:

    Welcome to trumps amerikkkk. If you’re blk or Muslim in this country, life is going to get worse. We have the dumbest person possible as a prez. His main concern is lining his and his family’s pocket. F the rest of us. He is such a fraud. He never speak out on all the racism that this country is facing. He’s always quick to defend the dam Russians. SHAMEFUL!!!!

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