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Financial expert Jini Thorton joins the Willie Moore Jr. show to talk about how many people get into debt in the first place and then how they can take steps to start getting out of debt. She says debt can leave people overwhelmed but there is a way out. Listen below:

For more information about money management, check out Jini Thornton’s Facebook page HERE. 

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8 thoughts on “Money Monday: Jini Thornton Tells You How To Get Out Of Debt

  1. Ulonda Lowe on said:

    Hello I have 17,000 in student loan debet
    My question is should I refinance now .I
    Have a son who is a senior in highschool and im getting ready to do his FAFSA

  2. Contessa Dean on said:

    My trucking business was closed and I need to pay back $250.000.00 dollars business debt back. I now have custody of my 2 grand children there Mom is incarcerated. I work a regular job and 65 years old and can’t retire until pay this debt. Do I work with nccc or file bankruptcy to take care of this debt an raise my grand kids in peace.

  3. Joy williams on said:

    I take care of my mothers busness now that i hv power of attorney and she said wants to cash out her life insurance…she said shes been paying on it years and it wont pay out any more…its at the max. Is that a good ideal? Can she do that?

  4. ROYCE WILLIS on said:

    Could you please send me the three names of the term life insurance companies that were mentioned on the Jini Thorton segment of the Willie Moore Jr of Monday, January 29, 2018.

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