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(Colton Police Department via AP)

COLTON, Calif. (AP) — A 1-year-old girl was slain and her 5-year-old sister and mother critically wounded Monday in a stabbing that Southern California authorities suspect was carried out by the children’s grandmother.

43-year-old Nicole Darrington Clark was on the run but has been captured in connection with the morning attack, Colton police Cpl. Ray Mendez told the Press-Enterprise newspaper ( She was found in San Bernardino, police say.

Investigators do not know the motive for the attack, which took place in an apartment where Clark, her daughter and granddaughters lived together, Mendez said.

Police first said the slain girl was 6 months old, but later said she 18 months old.

Neighbor Patty Williams told the newspaper the wounded woman had been “stabbed everywhere.”

Another neighbor, Tim Hill, said she ran into his apartment seeking help after the attack. He said he ran upstairs to her apartment and saw the stabbed baby and found her sister in the closet, shaking.

Police decided they couldn’t wait for paramedics and took the girl to the hospital, Hill said.

Darrington Clark should be considered armed and dangerous and may be driving a black Hyundai Sonata, police said.

“I’m sad,” Williams said. “I feel like my soul left my body because this is disgusting.”

Colton is about 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Los Angeles.

Darrington Clark had previously pleaded guilty to stabbing her son and throwing her daughter out of a van while driving on the freeway in 2005. Neither child was seriously injured.

But after the plea, a judge ruled that she was not guilty of the two attempted murders by reason of insanity, the Pasadena Star-News reported in 2007. He sent her to a state mental hospital for 34 years to life, with progress reports required every six months.

It wasn’t immediately clear when or why she was released from the mental hospital and whether the daughter in the 2005 attack is the same one critically injured Monday. Police did not immediately reply to a message seeking answers to those questions.

A longtime friend of Darrington Clark told the Press-Enterprise she was released a few years ago.

“I Facetimed with her a few days ago, and I was worried about her,” the friend, Cindy O’Neal, said. “I never thought she would do anything like this. I hope they do find her so she can’t hurt anyone else or herself.”

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28 thoughts on “Grandmother Captured After Killing Grandchild, Stabbing Daughter

  1. Rene on said:

    This is sooo sad! Judge said earlier not guilty by reason of insanity, but to me just because you are insane doesn’t mean not guilty You are guilty! Some people are just evil! They kill for what? Some people feel bad living and kill others then kill themselves, that’s not right to just take others lives period! Now what? They let her out cause she wasn’t insane anymore right? So now she’s guilty because she knew what she was doing?! Go to jail

  2. Sharron Jones on said:

    Larry and Mac Ben should have been swallowed or flushed down the toilet. Waste of air that someone else could be using. Racist cyber trolls sitting in their mama’s basement whacking off while trolling a Black website to spew their hate but we not having it. We giving it right back to your ass. Black women are beasts – yes because we will get in your ass with a quickness.

  3. Patrice Goodman on said:

    If she tried to kill her children 10 to 12 years ago and served time for this why wasn’t she evaluated before they decided to let her out. Now she has succeed in killing her own grandchild and attempted murder of the daughter and other grandchild. It’s sad that the only thing people seems to care about is sex. I pray for the survivors and their mental health especially the other sister. I hope they put the grandmother where the sun don’t shine she is truly mentally disturb to hurt her on children. She should have never been let out.

    • @Patrice,
      (1) I’m glad she has been found and hopefully, she’s no longer a threat to anyone else. (2) Mental illness is just that, an illness. I am in no way defending her actions (just so we’re clear), but it may have been, she was let out because she showed signs that she had gotten better and probably gotten “tools” to help her cope with whatever was going on inside her crazy head. I’m pretty sure she was examined by doctors and other professional (at least I hope so) before given the green light to be released back into society. Hindsight is 20/20 so they made a huge mistake in allowing her release, that resulted in the death of at least one person.
      This time, there should be no chance of her release in her future, she’s proven that she is bananas for real. I’m pretty sure her family is completely distraught, I wish them a speedy recovery and may God bestow His blessing on them.

  4. dontworryaboutwhoiam on said:

    Hey Larry and Mac Ben there done that! you two fuckin racist monsters. I bet both your mamas love that big black d*&k they get every night. They also suck them too. Every night!!!!!!! both of you assholes are probably of mixed heritage because yall mamas slept around like the hoes they are. Don’t come after us women. We will tear your ass apart. you want to see a violent beast? I guarantee you will not say this to a black woman’s face!!!! by the way yo mama is a beast an ugly one at that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. S.D. on said:

    Grady, I do not think any of the responding comments to Larry expressed any violence toward him. They merely commented on his apparent bigotry and ignorance….that in itself is not violent. Why don’t you speak to his continual vulgar comments about Black women?

  6. My Opinion on said:

    I pray for the deceased and the surviving babies and their mother. May Gods mercy carry them through this violent act against them. I hope they catch the deranged women and lock her up in the mental ward for the rest of her living days,
    Very sad.

    • My Opinion on said:

      Beautiful Black People, if that moron larry continues to post on this site for us by us. Let’s not insult Doctor’s by putting the Dr. before it’s name if you care to respond to that bigot thing, refer to it dumb-ass larry that pretty much sums up who it is.

  7. My Opinion on said:

    Dumb ass larry, you idiot, are the most vile piece of trash on earth. I really shouldn’t waste my precious time responding to an asshole internet troll like you. Remove the Dr. from the beginning your name, You’re are not a legitimate doctor as sick as you are, you seriously need a doctor, you sick-o!
    What kind of hateful slob gave birth to a evil white devil like you?

  8. S.D. on said:

    This woman is clearly not fit to live in society. It seems she should never have been released from the mental hospital for her other acts. Sometimes, people should live out the full term of their sentences – – they are given for a reason. And Larry, mental illness knows no boundaries……look at you – – a breathing, walking example.

  9. specialt757 on said:

    Something set this deranged lunatic off, something tells me her medication is no longer working or she hasn’t taken it for a while. Lock her up and never let her out again, it’s crystal clear living in a civilized society isn’t working for her. May God bless this family, they are going to need all they can get, this is a nightmare.

    • Pinky on said:

      Larry, I’m sorry but don’t take our relationship out on everybody. I’m larry ex black gf. He pulled it out and it was soooo tiny my temper got the best of me and I beat that azz. I mean I stomped him, not because it was little but because he knew it was that little and he had me saying I do and getting engaged and if I hadn’t made him show me I could have married this tiny peen its me your mad at so don’t try and be a raciest because your not, I just over reacted to a tiny tiny peen and thats on me.

    • Some how, some way, don’t know why but before I even read the comments I suspected that you would be the one to comment and concentrate on the age of the grandmother only. And that Larry would say his classic asinine assessment of black women. So predictable.

      • Mac Ben on said:

        Honesty is the best policy. I didnt marry until 36 and my wife gave me a son when I was 39. I found it shocking that I could have been a 45 y/o grandaddy.

      • specialt757 on said:

        Let’s say you married at 20, had a child at 21, your child would be an adult at 24 y.o., and if he/she had a child, you’d be a grandparent at 45. Did I get that right? I don’t find it that shocking.

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