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Ramad Chatman was found not guilty of armed robbery by a jury; however, will still serve up to seven years in prison after a judge ruled he breached his probation sentence for another crime. He delivered himself to police in November 2015, when he discovered he was a suspect for an armed robbery at a convenience store in July 2014.

“He turned himself in because he knew he was not guilty.” – Janice Chatman, Ramad Chatman’s grandmother

The 24-year-old was already serving a five-year probation term for breaking and entering in 2012. Ramad had stolen a television worth $120 and it was his first offense. When Ramad was on trial for the store robbery, the judge decided it was likely he committed the robbery and re-sentenced Ramad for the original crime of stealing a TV and ordered him to serve 10-years in prison, back dated to the day of the original crime.

Even though court documents have shown he has done everything asked of him of the law during his probation, including checking in, paying restitution, performing (and finishing) community service and keeping his job, justice is still not served.

The jury ruled he was innocent of the crime; however, Judge John Niedrach disagreed with the verdict and charged him for the original crime.

So to break it down: police never recovered the weapon from the convenience store robbery, couldn’t track the stolen money, and even couldn’t connect him to the robbery (other than being identified by the shop assistant), nevertheless, Ramad Chatman will remain in prison for violating the terms of his first probation order.

This is AmeriKKKa.

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