2017 Miss USA Competition

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

Newly crowned Miss USA, Kara McCullough, a Black scientist at the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission won, but her answers on healthcare and feminism became instantly controversial.

With all of the heated discussion around 45 and our current healthcare system and the rights of women in relation to healthcare, people were understandably, like: WTF.

Miss USA Kara McCullough Visits Empire State Building

Source: Roy Rochlin / Getty

On her press run McCollough seemingly revised her stance on healthcare, depending on who she was talking to.

To liberal outlets, like Good Morning America, Kara sounded much less conservative:

However in a interview for Fox Network   McCullough stated, “I stand by what I said.”

Girl, don’t you know that the Internet will always check you?

Is she a rocket scientist or a politician?

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5 thoughts on “Miss USA Flip Flops On Her Healthcare Stance Twice In 48 Hours

  1. This half breed is sounds more dumb and dumber by the way she talks. Next she’ll be saying she’s not black because sh wants privilege.

  2. SamIAm on said:

    She got nervous and blundered over trying to say that she herself is privileged but that other Americans should be afforded the right to have healthcare. She totally tangled it up with the “jobs and privilege and Americans worldwide” fiasco.

  3. Blackhonesty on said:

    It appears she’s still stuck on being stupid ,why would anybody vote for her to be anything but another ignorant to World crisis, woman!!!!

  4. “To liberal outlets, like Good Morning America, Kara sounded much less conservative:”
    Since when did an ABC show like GMA become known as a liberal outlet? This BAW writer must be a part-time troll for Breitbart.

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