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Mo’Nique is not backing down from the comments she made about Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey.

Over the weekend, Mo went in on the entertainment moguls during her standup show at the Apollo Theater. In a video posted to Instagram, she accused all three of them of black balling her from Hollywood, and she capped it off by saying they could “suck [her] dick, if [she] had one.”

Most people might be rethinking their actions and walking back their words a couple days later for the sake of saving face, but not Mo’Nique.

In a chat with TMZ, Mo insisted on standing up in her truth. “Everything I say comes from my heart. I’m unapologetic about it,” Mo’Nique told TMZ.

Her husband Sidney Hicks is also standing by her words about getting black balled after Precious came out. “Lee Daniels was a part of it,” Sidney reiterated, “but Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey–if you remember–were a part of the production of the movie.”

In his estimation, their decision to remain quiet on rumors that Mo’Nique is a diva on the set was just as damaging to her reputation as gossiping about her.

“They stood by and they allowed the statements of her difficulty,” He added, revealing that Mo’Nique would often sit with Lee and watch playback of the day’s filming on the set while they chowed down on crab legs. “That doesn’t sound like you’re having a difficult time with someone.”

Before signing off, Mo let it be known again that she meant everything she said on stage, stating, “What I would say to Oprah, Tyler, Lee, one about me and my husband, we’re not no hiders. We’re not no runners.”

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Mo’Nique Defends Her Comments About Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, And Oprah was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

49 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Defends Her Comments About Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, And Oprah

    • Khafee on said:

      Well, what I’m riding hard for is the courage that Monique has to speak up and out against the entertainment industry when black artists aren’t treated fairly. She’s not the first and she certainly won’t be the last. However, she is among a few artists that have the courage to do so, and at the risk of losing their careers. The public doesn’t always know what goes on behind the scenes unless the artists tell their personal stories. But, unfortunately, folks first inclination is to rush to judgement and to social media to voice their opinion. As we know from history to the present, black artists being underpaid and underrepresented is nothing new. Furthermore, I resent that some black folks in the public and in the industry, that take the position that Monique should just shut-up and sit down. The lady from the Real (although she is not black) commented on her being loud and boisterous. On CNN (with Don Lemon), BET (with Roland Martin), and other media outlets Monique told her story with nothing but tact and class, (Do the research). However, she was “loud and boisterous” when she was at HER show doing HER stand-up as a comedian and being recorded by a fan, which was prohibited. That’s what this person didn’t understand, which Loni had to enlighten her.

    • Khafee on said:

      As black folks, we should not be so readily to throw each other under the bus. When one of us is out of order, then rightfully, as a community, that person should be called on the carpet. However, we should also be rational in our analysis and responsible with our criticism before we write them off and throw them to the wolves, (e.g. Bill Cosby, Nate Parker). When “other” individuals from “other” groups have issues, they are supported and defended—wrong or guilty. We must learn to view ourselves as priority as a group first before individuals. Much like how racism/white supremacy is used against us as a group—not individually. Willie Lynch implanted in our psyche to have no respect for loyalty and to betray one another. This has to stop. Many of us know very well how this system works. So, before we start throwing stones, let’s look at the bigger picture first. Thank you.

  1. Khafee on said:

    Monique (and her husband) need to do what Monique (and her husband) feel she needs to do. She made her decision and made a video reaffirming her position. Apparently, she’s very comfortable with it, come what may. So, everyone else should be comfortable with it also. It’s her career, her life, and her choices.

  2. Hello! on said:

    Mo’Nique needs to stop listening to all of these ni99as encouraging her to “speak the truth.” They’ll hype you up and have you feeling like a revolutionary but when the sh!t hits the fan she’ll be all alone. It’s not what she’s saying. It’s how she’s saying it. And if she wants to have any hopes of a career she and her “husband” need to get smarter about how they’re handling this.

  3. Hello! on said:

    Mo’Nique truly is free…from employment. If she was truly free then she wouldn’t give a flying f@*^ about being black or white-balled.🤑

    • Khafee on said:

      Exactly–free from employment. See, slaves have an “employment” mindset. Free thinking black men and women have an “entrepreneur” mindset. Mo’nique understands very clearly the game of Hollywood and its sick and twisted ways. But, her pain is about the betrayal she feels from her fellow black folks in the business that she thought had her best interest.

      As the say goes….Those who can-do,,,,those who can’t-criticize.

      You still operating on a slave brain, Sis/Bro. BTW, did you see “Get Out”

      Stay woke.

      • Hello! on said:

        People who are really free don’t need to blast or call people out. They live and walk in their freedom. Mo’Nique ain’t free. She’s bitter. And “Get Out” was made and produced by an interracial man who is married to a white woman. And that movie was funded and distributed by the very powers you are speaking against. You think you’re “woke” but you’re not. Those who are truly awake see life for the game that it is and play it smartly; not bitch about it and spout fake intellectual bullshit.

      • You speak big but it all amounts to a small mind. And this is the same with Monique. She’s too busy waiting on pity and apologies from others more than she is trying to build herself up and others who she feels have been ‘unfairly’ treated. That is a slave mentality. She could be the next Oprah, bigger and better but what’s she doing? Blowing hot air.

    • Khafee on said:

      People who are free very much need to blast and call people out. Racism and the system of white supremacy and the black folks that support it should– and need– to be blasted and called out. That’s what freedom-fighters and brave people do and it’s what they did, e.g. Malcolm X, MLK, Muhammad Ali, Min. Farrakhan, Stokely Carmichael, Fred Hampton, etc. So, check your history and your facts. Weak Negros sit and trash other blacks who have the courage to do what they’re too petrified to do. If Mo’Nique is bitter, so be it. She has every right to be. That’s her issue, not yours. You sound bitter about her being bitter. Furthermore, regardless of the production behind the movie, it is factual and symbolic of the condition of black folks who are under a hypnotic spell of white domination and control. It is only when they see “the light” of the camera flash, that they “wake up” from their stupor and trans, and realize that they need to Get the hell Out from under this wicked, diabolical, and perverted system of white supremacy. They don’t play “the game”. They create their own game.

      • Hello! on said:

        You must be a first year college student who just got enlightened on Black History and now think you’re woke. Step into the real world and see how this works out for you. Life outside of the instutition is different than reading the books. And the vast majority of those individuals you named were either killed or sold out eventually. LOL! But you stay woke!

      • Your comment makes no sense. And Monique is no Malcolm X. I mean, really?! And as for those who create their own game and change the way the game is played, well, you know what, they’re still creating and she’s still standing still. At the end of the day we do create our own games, we are responsible for our lives, our energy. The reason why she’s in her position has more to do with her than it will ever have to do with twisted Hollywood. I mean let’s be honest, if it was as bad as she claims she shouldn’t be shocked and she shouldn’t be so upset nor should she be so wanting of a place in it. She’s not being real. She’s fake, just like Hollywood and that’s why she’s so laughable.

    • Khafee on said:

      I am actually a person that is unapologetically black; that is my real world. Real revolutionaries realize that death is likely in this fight. But, they fight anyway. That is what separates the lions from the sheep. The “vast majority of those individuals” died for sheep like yourself (if you are really black). And, as the proverb says, “lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.” Mo’Nique is a lioness—not a sheep. So, I applaud her and others like her that have the courage to go against the grain and rebel against injustice. I stand behind her 100%.

      A speaker of truth has no friends.
      African Proverb.

  4. Khafee on said:

    Symptoms and behavior of post-traumatic slave syndrome:
    • Lack of fortitude or tenacity to oppose or protest the oppressor for fear of reprisal or extreme consequences.
    • Backlash from other slaves for not cowering to the commands and surrendering to the abuse and demands of the oppressor.
    • Perceiving your oppressor as your only means and resource of survival and subsistence.

    Behavior of a free-minded black god/goddess:
    • Courage to resist and challenge the oppressor without fear of reprisal or consequences. (Muhammad Ali)
    • Not influenced by other petrified slaves to sit down, accept abuse from the oppressor, and have the courage to escape to freedom. (Harriet Tubman)
    • Understand that his/her destiny is under the control of themselves and their Creator and not by the wicked slave master/oppressor, as they would have you to believe.
    (Malcolm X)

  5. mr soul on said:

    That sad that you fools feel that way about this beautiful black women Black folks get a little power and act like white folks

    • Beauty is a beauty does. There is nothing beautiful about the way does things. She’s nasty, bitter and doesn’t know how to get her point across without sinking down into the sewer. Nope. Not beautiful.

  6. She fails to realize that maybe her attitude is what keeps her from getting more roles. After all, they hired her when few others were taking that chance. It sounds like she bit the hands that fed her so they didn’t have to tell others about her character – it was on full display. Disrespectful rants like this could decrease the likelihood that others in the industry will want to take a chance on working with her.

  7. Meme on said:

    Not surprised, she said it and I believe her. Some ppl aren’t ready for the truth…I give her props for telling it like it was. Did she commit career suicide maybe but that’s her business.. Mo, can get a job.

  8. I have never been a fan of Monique! She needs to go somewhere & sit down!! Jealous!! Remember when she was fat & all she did was down small/skinny women…..Jealous!!! A bitter jealous loud woman!

  9. She is one unhappy person; what a pottymouth; doesn’t realize you have to be diplomatic to make it in Hollywood or any entertainment enterprise if you want to stay relevant smh

  10. Virginia on said:

    Talk about being your own worst enemy. Monique just put a nail in her own career coffin by PROVING that she is the Diva everybody said she was. Rather than acting like she was Entitled to get any role she wanted after she got the Oscar, she should have attempted to show some humility and realize that there are not that many roles like the one she had in Precious, which apparently was very close to her own personal experiences. She had her chance to be a lady and wait on and work for future success. Instead she tried to FORCE people to hire her. There are too many fish in the sea. Why deal with a crazy one? She Blew it.

  11. Chastity on said:

    I will start off by saying that I give her props for sticking by her words, if that is how she truly feels. I cannot stand it when a person says something and then want to back track when they receive negative press about their words. With that being in said, I am appalled at how Monique went about it. To say something as vulgar as, “suck my d*ck” is sickening. I hate to hear men say that, but it is just very disgusting to hear it come from a woman. Very classless!!! Well, maybe she will make some money doing stand-up again because her acting career is totally over. She just talked bad about the biggest black producers in the business. She better hope Miss Shonda Rhimes will help her out and give her a chance.

  12. As a black woman of a certain age, I’m very disappointed in Monique’s rant. There’s a more dignified way to getting ones point across without being crude and disrespectful. IMO, Ms. Mo has single handedly (with the help of her husband/manager that is) put the nail in her own coffin. If Hollywood didn’t mess with her before, they certainly wont be messin’ with her azz now!IJS

  13. ButterPecan on said:

    Somebody needs some press obviously! So she thought Lee Daniels was going to hire her, he didn’t now she all SALTY! GET OVER IT! She is her own worst enemy! So does she think everyone is going to be beating down her door after he disgusting rant! Get some class and learn to be humble instead of demanding! You can’t force anybody to hire you because you have an Oscar. It seems that will be her first and last. GIRL BYE!!!

  14. specialt757 on said:

    At Mo’s age, it’s pretty tacky to tell people they can “suck her d*ck”. That’s not lady-like in the slightest. I like Mo, I really thought she had moved past this already.

  15. specialt757 on said:

    Sometimes things are better left “un-said”, aloud anyway. Mo feels the way she feels and that’s her right, but attitude will take you where money & fame won’t. What’s said can never be un-said. I just wish that some of that venom could be used to build her up instead of the opposite.

  16. americanize on said:

    Love you Monique,not a fan of lee daniels he,s a coon as far as I,m concern,Tyler needs to come out of the closet,an Oprah just screwed up the story about Hennrietta Lacks.She should have focused on how the white devils fu*k over the lacks family and still to this day making tons of money off her cells.The lacks children should be millioniairs.

    • Mary on said:

      You are pathetic. You have no valid comment so you resort to name calling. Stop being jealous just because your life sucks.

  17. Diane on said:

    Okay, she git that off her chest. Let’s see where that leave. her. I don’t think it’s going to be good.

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