Prince‘s estate put the brakes on a planned EP release because it wants to create a reality show about the incredibly private singer.

Last month a producer put out some of Prince‘s previously unreleased music in an EP called Deliverance. Just as it was getting ready to go on sale officially, the estate swooped in with a temporary restraining order that runs out on May 3.

Initially, it was assumed that the estate was simply trying to protect Prince’s legacy and intellectual property. As it turns out, the estate’s motivations may not have been so noble. reports that source close to his beneficiaries claim that the family is in talks for their own reality show. The series will examine how their lives have changed since his sudden passing in April 2016.

But what does this have to do with Deliverance? Supposedly, Prince‘s estate wanted to block producer George Ian Boxill from releasing it so that his family can debut it on the show. Of course, under this plan, the show will have to make it to air before anyone can hear the EP.

Prince’s family does have a production company interested in backing their show, but they haven’t signed any deal to get it on air as of yet. However, the family has since denied any reality TV involvement at all via the official family Twitter account.

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