Don’t come for Kenya Moore, right?!

Well you must listen to the entire interview below to hear her go at it with Kym Whitley and Sybil Wilkes about her hair, love life and negative image on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

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31 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Defends Herself: ‘I’m A Sweetheart’; Reveals She Is ‘Dating’

  1. MrsA. on said:

    What I was about to say is that they all need to to stop coming for each other and come together as powerful black women…stop making the sayings true that all we as “black people” do is tear each other down…damn get it together…Kenya stop hating on Porsha just because she is younger than you, you’ve had your young days….move on embrace your coming into seniority senior years…. trust me its a privilege….and then hating on Phadrea cause she married and divorced no good Apollo…..get your own man, let go of your insecurities and stop paying for men to act like your boyfriend….geez!!!! you’re too pretty for that.

    • Robbin Lynnell Slaughter on said:

      I’m sorry but I Kenya hating on Phaedra is a joke. Kenya has no reason to hate on lying ass Phaedra and dumb ass Porsche who didn’t no California was a state lmao …If you ever been raped or denied by a parent you would have some compassionate for Kenya. I know she can bit a bit much but what about the people that come for her when she hasn’t sent for them???? You have to be able to put yourself in another’s person situation, I’m not saying excuse all the things she say but she is human. Hell I know people that’s going through the same things as Kenya and after all these years it’s still hurt. I hope one day these ladies can look past some of the bullshit and move forward. FYI Phaedra couldn’t rep me in a dog fight …ijs Porsche get your facts together before repeating shit that can get your ass in trouble.

  2. You are all such hateful people. Why do people hate educated strong black women, Even if she was a child of rape, is that something to laugh about. She succeeded against all odds and should be celebrated. I need to know what those who condemn her, have made of their own lives. Let’s start from there. I stand with Kenya Moore.

  3. Kenya has serious mental issues originating from her abandonment of her mother. She is extremely evil and nasty. She deserves every evil that comes her way. I won’t let a dog date her. Men except you are new on earth, stay away from her.

  4. I love Kenya, what I don’t understand is no one has a problem with Phadrea lying ass or Porshe lying on everybody. Really Porshe Kandi wanted to give you a rape drug girl bye. Phadrea supposed to be the Christian woman but every chance she get she twerking, gossiping , lying trying to be like Porshe girl you too old for that shit. Ppl don’t see all that just what Kenya does smh

  5. Shannon Ann Murray on said:

    I can relate to Kendra, folks get on her and say some insensitive shit, none of you really know the situation concerning her mother, and it’s not right to judge her, Kendra accomplished something in life before all the cast members did, And that was becoming MISS USA. That’s a honorable Walk. People need to cut out that mess

  6. MSSTARR82 on said:

    had the show on at the time, but my brain heard she was the next guest so it automatically tuned her out. it doesn’t have room in my world for more liars, dummie dump and gang has put the brain in protection mode from the bullshyt..

  7. Real deal steel on said:

    I think some of what everyone is saying is true. Ms. Moore does seem to have a very dark side; but the other women in the show, other then Kandi are jealous of her and her individual success.

  8. Some people are so dog-on mean (me included, I own it). If in fact (I have no clue if it’s true) Kenya was a result of a rape, that alone should yield some compassion from other women. There are very few of us whose mothers totally deserted us, but despite that, this woman defied the odds and became Miss Universe, no other woman on that show has done that or come close.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in my eyes Kenya is more gorgeous than ALL the other ladies, and yes the ladies on this show are very attractive woman, accept Kim Z-Plastic face-Puffy lips. Kenya’s personality is the kind that has to grow on you but I believe she’s only mean-spirited when people attack her and she has to defend herself. Her feelings are often hurt because despite her “I’m tough and can make it on my own” external, she’s really a softee and wants what everyone else does, to be loved or at the very least, liked.

    • MSSTARR82 on said:

      so what if she was a result of her Mother being raped?? that has no bucket to hold water in for kenrazy’s behavior as an adult woman!!!!!!!! if the rape happened i’m having sympathy ONLY for her Mother because she received two raw deals from the rapist.

    • Shannon Ann Murray on said:

      I agree with you and your comment…I really like and love Kendra Moore. There’s nothing Wrong with her, folks get intimidated by her because she was already established before them as Ms. USA…..So yes, they throw shade all day long, especially porsha, Kendra was Ms USA before she had Been Born….lol

  9. I don’t like Kenya Moore at all. On her Tom Joyner interview she said that fans really like her. Wow, she must be talking about a church fan. Kenya you are pure evil, with a very wicked heart.

  10. Margy Phelps on said:

    I, too wish she would leave this show. She creates drama for a story line. A woman who looks like her and has to buy a man (boy Toy) speaks for itself.

    • Shelly McGrady on said:

      Me too I’m a Kenya fan too. Who ppl need to be critical of is Phaedra. She’s a liar & a hypocrite & it’s shown on every episode. Porsha showed her true colors when she added to lying on Kandii just because.

  11. Shelly McGrady on said:

    Kenya is misunderstood. I see her as an intelligent strong woman. Who constantly had to defends herself on the show. The TJMS interview was nice.

  12. leadjustone on said:

    Interview didn’t pop up on my screen, so I couldn’t listen, but no need. Every time I have watched Kenya on the show, she reveals herself to be a nasty, mean spirited person. Hateful,hateful, hateful! Her comments toward cast members drip with sarcasm and vitriol. No love from mom has apparently resulted in a person who is incapable of showing love for anybody but herself. She is most unpleasant to watch, and I wish they would remove her from the show.

  13. I love Kenya. I think she is a strong out spoken woman. Kenya keep voicing your opinion. People hate a educated and strong black woman.

  14. She’s a liar.And she is so delusional when she says that everyone comes for her.She wants attention so bad that she puts herself in the middle of other people’s disagreements.And when they tell her to back up she sees that as people coming for her😂😂

    • Majorette on said:

      I have always wondered why her mom want have nothing to do with her. Her aunt use to come around until she went to visit her and brought the cameras. I wonder has anybody told her the real reason. I feel if she could free her mind of that, she would be a better person. It has to be something so devastating that the sight of het, her, her mother cannot bare. I know of only one thing.

  15. Chastity on said:

    She is pure evil. Beauty on the outside means nothing if your heart is ugly and Kenya definitely has an ugly heart. That is why she cannot keep a man and has to have men pretend to be her boyfriend. No one wants be in her presence because her ora is bad. I have not seen her aunt on the show lately. Maybe she has gotten sick of Kenya’s ass too. Bravo, do us all a favor and get rid of her!!! If Kenya is still on next season, I will no longer watch.

  16. Evang Kimbrough on said:

    I believe that she is a rape child, and that’s why her mother don’t have any thing to do with her . she is a very unhappy person misery like company

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