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D.L. Hughley reflects on his friendship with the late comedian Charlie Murphy who died at the age of 57 after succumbing to Leukemia.

Hughley shared a heartfelt thought about the funnyman saying, “He was the best storyteller I ever heard. He rushed home to be with his family after every gig. He did comedy his way.”

Listen to the full audio above.

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(Charlie Murphy Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images; D.L. Hughley by Rance Elgin)

14 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley Remembers Charlie Murphy [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

  1. LaVaughn Ware on said:

    LaVaughn”RedMan”Ware- R.I.P. Charlie Murphy. Condolences goes out to His Family, Comedy Family, Friends and Fans. May God continue to Bless all of You.

  2. Rebecca Jones on said:

    RIP to another great. So sad to know the next generation will not know what a true gem you are. We love you Charlie!!!
    Blessings to the immediate family, comedy family and all of those who knew you Charlie. Tell Prince we miss him too.

  3. Dana Thompson on said:

    So sorry to learn of the death of Charlie Murphy. I met him in August, 2015 at the Levity Lounge, in Nyack, NY. I was fortunate enough to see him after the show and we discused his new works and his brother Eddie Murphy and how much he loved him– I really hope Eddie knows this already, but the sparkle in Charlies eyes said it all. Rest in peace Sir, you did well! You’ll be forever missed!

  4. Malessa Young on said:

    Truly sorry about the loss of Charlie Murphy, prayers goes out to the family (especially his kids), I know his family & friends will miss him!!!! DL I know the Comedy family is struggling with the loss of a friend – be strong and wishing you all strength & peace !!!!! Charlie you are reunited with Tisha (wife) RIP MR. & MRS. MURPHY

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