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Israel Houghton, Adrienne Bailon’s preacher/musician husband, is reportedly facing foreclosure of his family home over a $90K debt.

The home, located in a suburb of Houston, is where Houghton lived with his ex-wife Meleasa and their kids, and is now in default after the former mega-church preacher stopped paying the mortgage for almost a year, BOSSIP reports.

Deutsche Bank recently sued Houghton and Meleasa to foreclose their one-time family home over non-payment of the mortgage in several months.

Houghton missed the deadline to make back payments, now the bank wants the whole mortgage amount paid, according to court papers.

As of last month, Houghton owed nearly $90k from 11 times he was supposed to pay but failed to, the bank contends in court papers. If Houghton wanted to stop the foreclosure now, he has to come up with the total amount he owes on the mortgage: $608,654.17, according to court documents obtained by BOSSIP.

The entertainment site reports that “the exes took out a home equity loan in 2006, and agreed to an adjustable interest rate mortgage with initial monthly payments of $4,687.”

The house is currently on the market for $797,000. The 5,405 square foot Mediterranean McMansion boasts five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, a pool, a jacuzzi and overlooks Lake Houston.

Houghton married “The Real” host Adrienne Houghton last November in Paris, and she became stepmother to his gaggle of kids. In addition to the three children he has with his ex, Israel is also supporting two young sons born out of wedlock.

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Rumor has it that he’s strapped for cash after being put on “indefinite leave” from his job with Joel Osteen after announcing the split with Meleasa on social media in 2015.

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16 thoughts on “Adrienne Bailon’s Husband Reportedly Facing Foreclosure

  1. Cassie sims on said:

    Adrienne better pay up, that’s why the baby making cheater married her. What goes around comes around!!!! If he could travel the world, have an expensive show boat wedding, he could’ve paid the mortgage. Oh my bad, I guess Adrienne payed for it.

  2. Enpowered on said:

    What goes around comes around. He is shameful.
    While posting exotic vacations on instantgram. Can’t pay his bills. To be married to Adrienne is no prize either. She is too full of herself. And not too bright.

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