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DETROIT (AP) — Actor and comedian Mike Epps is apologizing for dancing on stage with a kangaroo in front of a screaming crowd at a Detroit comedy show.

In a video of the Friday night event, Epps can be seen holding the animal’s harness. A man is seen picking up the animal and carrying it around the stage.

Epps got some blowback on social media. He posted on Instagram late Sunday that he wants to “sincerely apologize to everybody.” He says things got out of hand but he didn’t mean any harm. He says he doesn’t own the kangaroo and plans to donate money to a foundation to help the animals.

Tanya Espinosa, a representative for the United States Department of Agriculture, said: “We are not investigating, however, we are looking into this.”

HUH?! Celebrities Say the Dumbest Things
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7 thoughts on “Mike Epps Sorry For Dancing With Kangaroo On Detroit Stage

  1. There is a difference in being funny and being corny. Mike Epps has always been plain corny to me. That’s why he can bring a kangaroo on stage and think it’s funny when it’s actually corny as hell.

  2. Amber on said:

    What the problem with dancing with a Kangaroo? Some people need to get a life. We are going to get to a point where people are going to not care and do what they want.

  3. Barb on said:

    Animal rights people are Utterly Stupid! He should not give a dime to them. Mr. Epps please donate to a worthy cause i.e kids program or education.

    • Diane on said:

      These same ” animal rights groups”, care more about anilmal rights, but could care less about an unarmed blk person being shot dead in the streets, like an animal,

      • Diane,
        I agree! Here in St. Louis they just closed a homeless shelter because they want the land for a freaking Soccer Stadium. I hope the voters have since enough to vote no on it today. Lying politicians talking about it will create jobs etc. That Rams stadium is open use it. It makes no sense to spend millions building another stadium for some billionaires when one is empty and available. The average citizen will not be able to afford the tickets. Those politicians and billionaires do not care about the average citizens.

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