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MELBOURNE, Fla. (AP) — Police in Florida are trying to identify a woman they say pulled a pair of guns on a convenience store clerk after he refused to accept a jar of dirty pennies as payment.

Melbourne police tell Florida Today the woman showed up early Wednesday morning at a 7-Eleven, picked up a few items and then gave the clerk the pennies. Police say the clerk told the woman the coins were dirty and “gunked-up.” The clerk says the woman got angry and began throwing things after he told her there were too many pennies for the store to accept.

Police say the woman told the clerk she was going to kill him before leaving the store and returned with two guns. The clerk sustained only minor injuries in the confrontation.

The woman fled the scene in a vehicle.

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(Photo Source: Melbourne Police Department)

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4 thoughts on “Police: 7-11 Clerk Refuses Dirty Pennies, Woman Pulls Guns

  1. dvgvintage on said:

    No one has enough money for me to even visit/live in Florida – that is one crazy State, especially with Zimmerman on the loose.

    Insofar as the alleged “Dr.” Larry, ignore him. The more you respond, the more vile he will become. I am surprised that he is still allowed to post on this site. No response to him, he will go away and find another place to spew his hate. HE would never say what he posts in person to any female.

  2. That’s a little extreme. Not everyone had slaves and not everyone was a slave. Why did things go backwards? Anyway, this story is stupid, but the world is so crazy it’s kind of funny, and I’m not into violence. People are people. Sorry for the bad past between white and black people and that the racism never healed. But if the devil was only white people that would be too easy. We need help.

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