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BOSTON (AP) — “Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che is not backing away from comments he made about Boston, when he called it the “most racist city” he has ever visited.

The Boston Globe reports that the co-anchor of “Weekend Update” told a Boston University crowd Thursday about how he received angry messages on social media after he made the comment on “SNL” the night before the Super Bowl.

He responded to one woman by urging her to “talk to your closest black friend and ask them to explain it to you.” He says the woman responded by answering, “Touche.”

Che, who often jokes about President Donald Trump on the NBC show, told the audience he never apologizes for language or controversial statements because he’s “just trying to be more presidential.”

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24 thoughts on “‘SNL’ Star Won’t Apologize For Boston Racism Comment

  1. Carol Napolitano on said:

    Why do people assume that the only people who are ever racist against others are always white, white people help blacks countries, and they help black people,more than the other way around, black people always seem to forget to mention how much they dislike people of other races too. Racist people come in all colors. Denial, Denial, Denial. The difference is, they just get away with it more.

  2. Christianforreal on said:

    People, I don’t know very many states that aren’t full of MOSTLY racist people. And specifically racist against Black people. Most states are teeming with folks who are racist against non-whites. So White people, let’s STOP PRETENDING. And just because you say hello to a Black person on the way to work, that doesn’t make them your friends!!!!!

  3. Clarence Powell on said:

    Don’t do it. South Carolina is, North Carolina is, Tennessee is, Virginia is, really all 50 or 51 states are racists

  4. darkside on said:

    white people do it all the time everyday all day. they will make it seem like they are joking or say things in a joking manner to try and throw you off but in reality they are saying exactly what they want to. These people are very slick with words and the things that they do. they did not get where they are today by being SAINTS.

  5. americanize on said:

    Stand ur ground dog,fu*kum you have a entire country that’s racist to none whites an not only is it in boston,its global.An in order for it to be that sufficient every white person on the planet has to be on code,the ones that’s not shut the fu*k up an don,t say shit.Stay on code,denied racism an never throw ur race under the bus for a none white.Black America we have to stay on code.

  6. uturn on said:

    That comment is how he sees it. Kudos to him! And may I add that Boston is not the only racist city – I could name a few more.

  7. Cynthia Riddle on said:

    I don’t understand what the apology is for. It is HIS opinion of Boston. It is not a fact that he is stating…merely his own opinion, based on his own experiences there. I am unclear whom he should be apologizing to. Unreal…

  8. BabyCate on said:

    I’m from Boston and yes, and I 100% agree with him. He’s telling the truth. Although I was born in Georgia I was raised in Boston from age 3 (1960) until I married and moved to a neighboring New England State. I’ve witnessed the racism from the time I can remember. The company in which I am employed, you will not find People of Color in high positions. It is very hard to become a manager, supervisor or President CEO in Boston. My sister when living in Chicago was a top account manager but when her circumstance changed she had to move back to Boston. She transferred to Boston with the same company and oh boy things changed. The Chicago branch advised her she could keep the laptop as it was company property, but upon her transfer, her new manager told her in no uncertain terms the laptop had to go back to Chicago. She explained that she was told she could keep the laptop for company business but this woman emphatically said “It has to go back”.. My sister contacted the Chicago office and they could not understand why this manager was giving my sister a hard time. Anyway the laptop was sent back. My sister was given a hard time because this new manager also stated that my sister made too money and her salary was higher than some in Boston. Needless to say she hung in there because she had more than 15 years of service at the time and she was not about to let this situation cause her problems. So yes, Boston is a racist City and he should not apologize for speaking the truth.

  9. specialt757 on said:

    Good, don’t apologize, and why should he? The liar-in-chief never does. When he apologizes to Prez O for the birther and wiretapping lies, then just maybe I’ll gain an ounce of respect…hell who am I fooling, I will NEVER have respect for this fool.

  10. Hey conservatives Mr. Che just vindicated and justified everyone who has and will ever make a controversial but truthful statement

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