NEW YORK (AP) — McDonald’s says it has been notified by Twitter that its account was “compromised” after it appeared to send a message calling Donald Trump “a disgusting excuse of a President.”

The tweet to Trump from the official account for McDonald’s Corp., a message that has since been deleted but was captured in a screenshot, said it would love to have President Obama back. “Also you have tiny hands,” the tweet told Trump.

The tweet was also temporarily pinned to the top of the McDonald’s account so that it would be the top message people see if they visited the company’s Twitter profile.

A McDonald’s representative said the company deleted the tweet, has secured the account and is investigating the matter.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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16 thoughts on “McDonald’s Says It Was ‘Compromised’ After Negative Tweet About Trump

  1. Diane on said:

    I will continue to call out that incompetent so called prez until the cows come home. You must have voted for the bitch. They said 53% of white women voted for his dumbass. No need to reply. I’m done replying to you.

  2. Diane on said:

    This Kate person think she’s an expert on every, any and everything. She never speaks I’ll if the incompetent so called prez. I will continue to speak my truth rather she like it or not!!!!!!

    • Diane on said:

      Kate1221 never speak anything negative of the incompetent in Cheif, but she call herself throwing shade at me. Fuck her, and the horse she rode in on. She’s boring and tiresome.

    • You actually have no idea who I speak ill (adjective) of, seeing as how the majority of my conversations take place outside of this forum. Now, whether (conjunction) or not you would actually be able to comprehend what I say if you were around during one of those conversations, is highly unlikely. Just as I’d bet my forty acres and a mule that you have no idea what you just tried to read. As I said before, stay in your lane.

      • Diane on said:

        I will continue to comment about that incompetent piece of shit as long as he’s in office rather you like my comments or not. I’m not here to satisfy you or what you think. I never see you comment on the racsit who frequent this sight, when they make disparaging comments about blk women or whatever else ignorant comments they make.

      • Diane on said:

        I guess u would knw, bc your right there with me. Didn’t you just talk shit about me talking about your prez and his features?? But your simple ass called him poulty lips. Gtfooh. You’re not all that. Take Your fake ass and get to steppin. I’m out. Your boring me.

      • I called him “pouty lips”. I don’t know what poulty means. I criticized what he was doing with his lips. Pouting. I did not criticize the physical makeup of his lips. If I’m boring you, then do as I suggested before. Limit your replies to comments to answers that can be reduced to the lowest common denominator and avoid trying to reply to comments that require intelligent, cohesive responses, which requires a certain amount of gray matter to actually put together. That should solve the problem. Just ignore my comments. Don’t be bored. Remember. Bored people are boring.

  3. specialt757 on said:

    You know what else is getting old? Twitter! I wish it would magically disappear into the abyss. It serves no real purpose and maybe then the orange hitler could get on with the business of running the country.

  4. “Also you have tiny hands”. As if this is the most pressing thing we have to worry about. Petty childishness taken to a whole different level, and it’s really getting old.

    • Diane on said:

      Tuff. He’s a fake ass prez. I never see u speak negatively of his unfit, incompetent ass. Regardless of what u think of me. You got that????????? The hits will keep on coming. LOL!!!!

      • I have commented on Trump’s shortcomings. However, I just don’t see the point in commenting on the appearance of his body parts as it pertains to the job he’s doing in the WH. I’ve said before, I never argue politics or religion, because it’s pointless. Besides, how can you have an intelligent conversation about anything, when all people want to do is participate name calling and bullying instead of intelligent conversation? It’s just not worth it. The people who engage in this type of behavior often find me boring and tiresome, which is a good thing, because I very seldom have to deal with them. A very good thing.

  5. FallMornings on said:

    McDonald’s needs to figure out how to pay for the cost burgers if they pay their employees $15.00. They’re going to lose business.

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