African-American protesters gathered Sunday outside a Charlotte, North Carolina beauty supply store to protest and call for a boycott after cell phone video showed the Asian owner kick and choke a Black customer, WBTV reports

Missha Beauty store owner Sung Ho Lim told the news outlet the incident happened Thursday. Lim confronted the customer because he believed she stole something.

WBTV said the woman is heard on the video denying the accusation, as they begin shoving each other. Lim says, “You hit me,” before he kicks the woman and puts her in a chokehold.

Lim filed a police report accusing the woman of strong armed robbery of eyelashes from the store. The storeowner told WBTV that he plans to give the police his surveillance video. No arrests was immediately made, the outlet reported.

The protesters said Lim crossed a line when he fought the woman.

“When he was choking her, he was almost choking her to death. She was gasping for breath, and he was continually choking her,” Teresa Mosely, a regular customer who refuses to shop there anymore, told WBTV.

The storeowner met with the protesters and offered an apology, adding that he plans on Monday to apologize to the woman he choked.

“I don’t know, it just happened. I went crazy,” Lim stated. “No matter what the reason, I feel very sorry to her and to them.”

Corine Mack, a protester, told the outlet that Lim should apologize to Charlotte’s Black community because “we are the ones who go to his store on a regular basis, and allow his family to live a good quality of life.”



30 thoughts on “Charlotte Protesters Want Boycott Of Asian-Owned Beauty Supply Store

  1. Kelly Taylor on said:

    I would love to see the day when black women all over the world would stop wearing someone else’s hair in their heads unless they have a a medical condition that prevents the hair from growing or makes it fall out. There is nothing wrong with loving and taking the time to take care of your own hair irregardless if you perm, hot comb, get a sharp hair cut, braid, or wear a groomed afro as long as it is your own hair. I wish the fake and phony Beyonce trend would end. I would to see the day when even Beyonce woild.take the long blond wigs off of her head. You do not have to wear a bunch of hair you do not even low wear it came from hair on your head. I walked in one of those Korean hair stores the other day and it felt weird being surounded by tons and tons of hair. It gave me the creeps. Black women do not realize that we wearing your own hair if you are able to looks better. Stop hating on yourselves and making the asians rich. It is embarrassing as a race to see black women trying to be something that they are not and wasting tons of money. It is so ridiculously ignorant and sad.

  2. Dr. Larry on said:

    I didn’t hear an apology from the heffa for shoplifting and hurting this mans business. Black women have absolutely zero femininity left in their genes. And please don’t tell me there is no proof and she said she didn’t do nuffin’ . You know that is a lie.

  3. I’ve never bought weave for myself. I have wholesale which get the right supplier A7 and A8 is inexpensive. Personally I like the Derita Beauty supply at least he’s not Asian.

  4. Black people stop shopping at these peoples stores they need your business to survive white people don’t by from them they always setup in black neighborhoods then think they are better then you but you people still support them enough said

    • Dr. Larry on said:

      They are better than us. They have rock solid family structures, support each other in business, religion, and education. Their kids, academically, are untouchable by our lazy, uninterested students. They invest in their own neighborhoods. In short, they preach and live the mantra, “It takes a village.” It pains the Dr. to lay down this diagnosis, but deep down, we ALL know it’s true. Boycotting this business ain’t going to do smack in instituting the real change we need as a people.

  5. I have looked all over Charlotte for a black owned beauty supply store. I have my own hair just need supplies to take care of my Perm hair. Need an address to a supply store black owned

  6. I don’t patronize Asian businesses, they don’t patronize African American businesses at all. They are cheap and will sell anything knowing it is bad just to make a dollar. Somebody need to kick his yellow ass.

  7. Diane on said:

    I tried wearing that weaved hair. It itched so bad I took that crap out. I sometimes get the braided hair. Even though they claim it’s real hair, I doubt it. Real hair doesn’t itch.

  8. Lillian Brooks on said:

    I own a black owned company selling hair but blacks would rather buy from Asians. Now they want to complain. They get more business than me and I sell quality hair. My company is Supreme Hair Care Products on Facebook.

  9. He’s apologizing because he sees dollar signs flying out the front door. I hope the young lady sues him for so much money, that he’ll no longer be able to conduct business. Or at the very least have to relocate to an area where no one knows him, and he has to start all over again. However, black women, in the end will care more about being able to go the neighborhood beauty supply for fake hair and lashes, that this incident will die down, and if she sues and wins, she’ll spend most of it in his shop. It’s unreal the amount of money black women spend in these shops, making these people wealthy, all the while, being treated like hungry mongrels begging for bones. I don’t get it. Anybody willing to school me?

  10. Naturalbeauty on said:

    As a naturalista, most of the products sold there causes damages to our hair. The ingredients include alcohol, sulfates, mineral oil and paraffins which causes our hair to dry up and break off. I shop natural ingredients from my sistas and haven’t been back since 2009.

  11. He did what he did because he felt he could get away with it. He can apologize until the cows come home, or don’t, but here, he needs to feel the real repercussions of his actions – – no tickey, no washey. You sir, do not get to financially benefit from our dollars when you don’t respect us. And Jua, sometimes our conveniences need to be set aside for a cause.

  12. Everyone doesn’t buy just weave hair from the store, there are other things bought…and I think it’s a matter of convenience. I can’t get to Wal-mart all the time and there are no black owned stores near me. I would love to support my own.

  13. Women of color need to consider growing their own damn hair and stop buying weave hair from Asian owned Beauty Supply businesses.

    Therefore, we should stop making these folks RICH!!!!
    They do NOT RESPECT US/THEY ARE RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Until we embrace the beauty of our hair and everything that makes our culture beautiful no one else will. I agree with you, just love the skin and hair God created for you. We are unique.

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