Actor Brandon Mychal Smith is reportedly set to replace Nick Cannon as host of “America’s Got Talent.”

According to TMZ, Smith is all but signed to takeover the gig after negotiations with Marlon Wayans fizzled over money. Multiple sources connected with the show say the deal is not done but it will happen in the next day or so.

Nick Cannon quit the show after a dispute with NBC over the network’s efforts to try to homogenize him. Marlon was first choice to replace Cannon primarily because of his history with the show as a guest judge. But sources say Marlon wanted more money than the network was willing to pay.

Perhaps money had nothing to do with the real reason why Marlon walked away from the hosting gig, as TMZ reports that, just like Nick Cannon, Wayans is also “too black” for NBC.

“As for filling Nick’s shoes, ” the site reports, “Marlon says that would be the easiest part of the job, literally. He’s a little worried about exec’s concerns that Nick was ‘too black.’ Remember, that’s why he walked away … and Marlon says they got the wrong brotha if they think he’ll ease those concerns.”

Brandon Mychal Smith is best known for playing Bug Wendal in “Gridiron Gang,” Li’l Danny Dawkins in “Phil of the Future,” Nico Harris in “Sonny with a Chance” and “So Random!,” Stubby in “Starstruck,” Lord of da Bling in “Let It Shine,” and Marcus in “One Big Happy.” He won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Little Richard in the 2014 biopic “Get On Up.” You can also catch him as a rapper on “You’re the Worst.”

Smith will reportedly be that play-it-safe negro who will cost NBC way less to host ‘AGT’ — and one source said that he will become part of the show in a more seamless way than Marlon.

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(Photo Source: PR Photos)

2 thoughts on “Brandon Mychal Smith To Replace Nick Cannon On ‘AGT’

  1. I love AGT, and I can’t wait to see what young Mr. Smith brings to the show. I like Nick Cannon. I love his personality. However, when you have a job like hosting a nationwide show, it’s always a good idea to stay neutral on subjects like religion, race and politics, because of the huge number of people that watch the show. TV execs are never going risk taking a hit their bottom line by taking a chance on alienating a whole segment of their audience, just because the host wants to “act black”. Also, everyone knows better than to use social media to bash their employer. Almost a sure fire way to get sent packing. Who in their right mind would pay someone millions of dollars a night, just to have them stand on a stage or post on social media about how he is being treated? No one is expendable. I wish Mr. Smith luck, and I wish Mr. Cannon luck finding a job that he can be comfortably be himself.

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