Donald Trump knows you can accuse a black man of anything in America. Click on the audio player to hear more in this exclusive clip from The D.L. Hughley Show.

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3 thoughts on “Why Donald Trump Thinks It’s Okay To Accuse Obama Of Wire Tapping [EXCLUSIVE]

  1. James R. on said:

    Let me tell you one thing about America, believe about 50% percent of what you hear, the other 50% maybe false. Let me ask you a question do you believe that the CIA is operating in America. The answer is yes, anything is possible today.

  2. Theo on said:

    RUSSIA IS TAKING OVER THE U.S. as we sleep being aided by our current President. I am more than convinced this is occurring un-beknowing to the innocent American people. Note, one of the first persons President Trump fired was the very person, who spearhead Sanctions against Russia for interfering into our elections; this same person was a hawk against Russia under past Presidents.

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