YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (AP) — Dave Chappelle is urging progressive policing in his southwestern Ohio hometown, where questions have been raised about police tactics at a New Year’s Eve celebration.

The comedian spoke at a meeting Monday in Yellow Springs, where he and other village residents listened to a review of police behavior. Residents have complained about the use of a police cruiser to disperse the crowd and police handling of stun guns that night.

The Dayton Daily News reported that hundreds of complaints about what critics called heavy-handed tactics at the celebration led the police chief to resign.

Chappelle said in his remarks that the village council should take a “golden opportunity” to prove local governments matter when searching for a new chief and to become a leader in progressive law enforcement.

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(Photo Source: AP)

2 thoughts on “Dave Chappelle Urges Progressive Policing In Ohio Hometown

  1. How about progressive policing across this damn country!!!!!

    There is a great disparity in the way urban folks are treated by PIGS and whites.
    Treatment should be the same for everyone-no matter where they live or what they may look like.

    PIGS also need additional training in how to handle situations on the streets without the use of DEADLY FORCE when it comes to minorities.

    They f—ing SHOOT AND KILL US-THEY ONLY TASE the white boys!!!!!!!

    If the mentality of law enforcement officers changes, than maybe civilians attitudes of them would also change and we would no longer see them as the ENEMY!!!!!!!!!

    • jhuff on said:

      yep cause we know ALL black people are fine decent law abiding citizens that dont deserve the treatment they get from police

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