Azealia Banks has apologized to the judge who issued a bench warrant for her arrest Tuesday after she bailed on a scheduled court appearance.

Banks was due to appear Monday regarding her 2015 case, in which she allegedly punched a security guard at a New York nightclub and bit her breast. The rapper was charged with misdemeanor assault, attempted assault, disorderly conduct and harassment.

After the bench warrant was issued, Banks’ California entertainment lawyer John Vafa released a statement saying his client “mistakenly believed she had a court appearance on March 8th instead of March 6th” and that she was in Paris attending Paris Fashion Week:

She was in France for Fashion week due to meetings and other social gatherings and was not able to arrange her flight in time to appear today. She apologizes and will apologize in person to the Court for missing her scheduled hearing. In addition, she attempted to appear via a New York Attorney and through a close family member. Ms. Banks will go to the department to remedy the situation as soon as possible. Again, she apologizes for the inconvenience that may have caused the Department.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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